Netherlands: Hostage situation ends in Ede as police arrest the suspect

No hostages harmed: Police

Dutch nighclub hostages Dutch police officers work near the Cafe Petticoat, where several people are being held hostage in Ede, Netherlands | Reuters

The hostage situation at a nightclub in Ede, Netherlands, ended after police arrested a man wearing a balaclava when he left the premises. 

“The last hostage has just been released. One person has been arrested,” a police statement said.

Earlier, an initial group of three people were released. Later, a fourth hostage was freed shortly afterwards, with the suspected hostage-taker then arrested. The video from the scene showed three people walking out of the club with their hands in the air following their release.

Taking to X, the police said that at the moment there is no indication of a terrorist motive.

Earlier on Saturday, officers cordoned off a square in central Ede and evacuated about 150 nearby homes. 

The hostages were being held in Cafe Petticoat, a popular bar and nightclub in Ede, reported The Associated Press

Reportedly, the gunman threatened to detonate a bomb. The man is armed with weapons and explosives, reported Reuters citing a local newspaper.

In the wake of the situation, trains to and from Ede were cancelled. 

(More details awaited) 

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