Modi ended Covid, claims Amit Shah; promises to elimiate naxalism in Chhattisgarh in 2 years

Says Modi has a track record of 10 years and an agenda for 25 years


Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on Wednesday, assured that the menace of naxalism will be uprooted in Chhattisgarh in two years if the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is voted back to power.

Addressing a campaign rally in Korba of Chhattisgarh, Shah claimed that naxalism was encouraged in the state under the Bhupesh Baghel government.

He said after the BJP came to power in the state, the Vishnu Deo Sai government neutralised 95 militants and arrested 350 others in four months.

“I want to say, that PM Modi has abolished naxalism from Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh in five years, but Chhattisgarh was left, as here, it was Bhupesh Baghel's government. Make Modi the PM for a third term and we will abolish naxalism from its root in two years,” he said.

He noted that Modi has a track record of 10 years and an agenda for 25 years.

"By providing vaccines to people, (Modi) has ended Covid. 'Rahul Baba' (Congress leader Rahul Gandhi) used to say it was a 'Modi vaccine' and ask people not to take it, but it's good that no one listened to him. One day he along with her sister went and got vaccinated when it was dark," he claimed.

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