Women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

Carroll, however, isn't the only woman to accuse Trump of sexual harassment

trump-pic-afp Supporters of former US president Donald Trump react as his motorcade makes its way to Palm Beach International Airport in Palm Beach, Florida | AFP


E Jean Carroll's lawyer Attorney Roberta Kaplan in her closing statement told a jury on Monday that Donald Trump should be held accountable for sexually attacking an advice columnist in 1996 because even a former president is not above the law.

Trump, who has not attended the trial, has insisted in public statements and in the deposition that Jean E Carroll made up the claims to boost sales of a 2019 memoir.

Carroll, 79, who is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, testified for more than two days during the trial, which is entering its third week.

She said the former president raped her in Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury store in New York in 1996. 

Carroll, however, isn't the only woman to accuse Trump of sexual harassment in recent years. 

During the Carroll trial, Jessica Leeds, an 81-year-old retired stockbroker, said that the former president groped her as they were seated next to each other on an airplane in 1979. "He was trying to kiss me, grabbing my breasts," she added. She also said that Trump also tried to put his hand up her skirt before she fought him off and walked to the back of the plane. 

In September 2020 Amy Dorris, a model said that Trump groped her and forcibly kissed her at the 1997 US Open tennis tournament. In October 2016, Kristin Anderson told Washington Post that Trump, who was seated next to her at a bar, put his hand up her skirt and 'grabbed her p***y'. 

In October 2016, Jill Harth, a makeup artist said that when she was having dinner with Trump and her then-boyfriend George Houraney in 1992, he felt her up under the table. In January 1993, when she and Houraney were visiting Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate to celebrate the closing of a business deal, he steered her into one of the kids' rooms, pushed her against a wall and tried to get up her dress again. 

Cathy Heller, in October 2016, said Trump grabbed her and kissed her while she was at Mar-a-Lago for a Mother's Day brunch. He allegedly grabbed her when she extended her hand for a handshake. In May 2016, Temple Taggart McDowell, a Miss USA participant said that Trump, who owned the pageant at the time (in 1997), groped her and kissed her. 

In October 2016, Karena Virginia said that Trump approached her in 1998 outside the US Open tennis tournament in New York. He allegedly grabbed her arm and groped her breast. And when Virginia flinched, he said, “Don't you know who I am?" 

Bridget Sullivan, in May 2016 said that Trump walked into the dressing room at the Miss Universe pageant, where the contestants were fully or partially undressed. Tasha Dixon recalled a similar incident during the 2001 Miss USA pageant, where Trump just walked in amidst dress rehearsal, where most of the girls were half or fully naked.

Mindy McGillivray said in 2016, that Trump grabbed her ass when she worked as a photographer's assistant at an event in Mar-a-Lago in 2003. in February 2018, Rachel Crooks, who worked as a secretary in Trump's building, said, when she first met Trump in 2005, he shook her hand, then kissed her on the cheeks and then on the lips.

In October 2016, Natasha Stoynoff, a journalist with People magazine said that Trump touched her inappropriately when she was at Mar-a-Lago to interview the former president. Jennifer Murphy, a contestant on season four of The Apprentice, the reality TV show that Trump used to host, said that Trump kissed her on the lips after a job interview in 2005.

In October 2016, adult film star Jessica Drake said Trump kissed her without consent in 2006. in October 2016, Ninni Laaksonen, a contestant in the Miss Universe Pageant said the former president groped her butt.

Summer Zeveros, in December 2016 said that during season five of The Apprentice, Trump groped and kissed her twice. In June 2016, former Miss Washington Cassandra Searles said that Trump grabbed her ass and invited her to his hotel room.

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