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Russia-Ukraine war: UK mulling supplying tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine seeks supply of 300 tanks from the West

UK Challenger 3 tank Representational image

The United Kingdom is mulling supplying Ukraine with its homemade tanks to defend Russia. If so, Britain would become the first Western country to supply Ukraine with the armoured combat vehicle.

According to reports, Britain is considering supplying Kyiv with Challenger 2 tanks. A report suggested the British cabinet was considering supplying 10 tanks to Ukraine, however, it was yet to make a final decision on the issue.

Ukraine is hopeful that Britain's move would persuade other Western countries including Germany to supply them with tanks. Ukraine has been demanding for a supply of 300 tanks, including Leopard 2 tanks from Germany to strengthen its defence against Russia.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently asked Western countries to supply them with tanks to put an end to Russian aggression. Zelenskyy said he sees no reason for West to not supply tanks for Ukraine.

Ukraine has for months sought to be supplied with heavier tanks, including the US Abrams and the German Leopard 2 tanks. France recently announced that it would supply AMX-10 RC combat vehicles, popularly known as light tanks, to Ukraine. The vehicle carries a 105-millimetre cannon and two machine guns.

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