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7 Reasons Why Switzerland has the Best Healthcare System


Switzerland is the country that has world-famous Lindt chocolates, the country whose living standards are incomparable, the county that attracts a lot of tourism, and the country that has one of the best healthcare systems. If you are residing in Swiss, then all you have to do is to buy an insurance plan within three months of shifting. You can buy the basic public health insurance and then add private top-ups if required. However, finding the desired plan can be very time-consuming, and there is no assurance that you will find reliable plans. But to save you from trouble, PrimApp, a health insurance comparison online tool, has curated the best and the most reliable insurance policies for you.

The PrimApp is available in four different languages: English, German, French, and Italian; this gives the app some bonus points. The app makes your work very easy all you have to do scroll through the app and find the numerous policies. The app's founder has done a lot of research about Switzerland's Healthcare system. Sharing his knowledge with us, the founder has mentioned the seven reasons Switzerland has the Best Healthcare System.

1. Superior Infrastructure

Since the time of the Romans, many wealthy travelers have come to the country with their medical knowledge, and today with their exceptional research institutes and clinics, the country offers the highest quality medical care. Switzerland is worldwide known for its advanced infrastructure, reflected in its medical sector. The staff uses top-class hardware and software to create individual treatment plans according to their requirements. All these advancements attract visitors from all over the world.  

2. Advance medical research

Swiss people are known for their expertise in research, medical advancements, and new treatments. Many top research institutes have contributed to new treatment methods. Not only this, but Switzerland is also home to famous pharmaceutical and healthcare groups such as Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche. The rigorous medical training is reflected in each medical personals work.

3. Known for its quality

There is no lie that facilities in Swiss are a bit more expensive as compared to other European countries. However, the top-quality medical treatment and facilities offer compensation for the price. They treat every patient in the same manner, and each patient is provided with the best-suited individualized healthcare.

4. They respect individual's privacy

The country has massive respect for its patient's personal space, and they strongly maintain their ethics. Hence, no patient has to worry about their confidential data being shared with others. This is one of the biggest reasons why Switzerland is famous among the VIPs who want to feel safe in the doctor's hand and at the same time want to maintain their privacy.

5. Different types of treatment specialties

Swiss has doctors that are experts in numerous types of treatments. Geneva, Lausanne, and Berne-based private hospitals and clinics offer premium quality treatments, including IVF, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiac, etc. Due to these top-quality treatments, many patients from foreign regions, especially the Middle East, come to the country.

6. Health and wellness industry holds a top priority

Swiss offers world-class hospitals, but with that, it also offers some highly sought-after wellness and rehabilitation centers. The wellness hotel offers some of the nicest and most relaxing treatments. In addition to that, they also offer fine cuisine and spa treatments. A few of the top certified wellness destinations are Charmey, Gstaad, Bad Ragaz, St. Moritz, etc.

7. Will make every patient feel comfortable

Switzerland is known for its welcoming nature; no matter what language, culture, or country, they welcome them all. Swiss itself has four different languages as the national language. The doctors and nurses have the expertise in sensitively dealing with people from other cultures and religions. The hospitals take good care of their patients, make them feel welcome, and moreover, they take care of the diverse requirements of patients from other cultures.

These were some important reasons why Switzerland has the best healthcare system; we are sure that this list added more points to favor the country. However, before moving, do not forget to check PrimApp and buy your desired health insurance.


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