Did Lionel Messi actually pose with baby Lamine Yamal? Here's the truth about the viral photo

Lamine Yamal became the youngest goalscorer in Euro

Lionel Messi and Lamine Yamal Lionel Messi and Lamine Yamal | AP

When Lionel Messi posed with a baby for photos in the dressing room of Camp Nou in Barcelona less than 17 years ago, little would have he predicted the boy would become a talented teen player the world adores. The baby was none other than Lamine Yamal, 16-year-old Spanish player.

Yamal is the youngest Spanish player and the youngest ever to play in the European Championship. The viral photo was posted by Yamal's father on Instagram last week with the caption, "The beginning of two legends".

The photo was taken in 2007 in the visitors' locker room at Camp Nou as part of an annual charity raffle. Barcelona players would pose with local families as part of the raffle and when Yamal's family won the raffle, they were paired with Messi. And the rest is history.

Yamal, like Messi, was recruited by Barcelona and became the Spanish club's youngest starter and goalscorer.

On July 10, the Spaniard scored a long-range goal against the French side led by Kylian Mbappe in the Euro 2024 semifinal, becoming the youngest goalscorer in Euro. The game ended with Spain winning 2-1 over France as they head towards the Euro 2024 final.

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