Team India's open-top bus for Mumbai victory parade has been named! 5 POINTS

The blue colour-themed bus has been called the 'Vijay Rath'

vijayrath The open-top bus that will be carrying team India during the victory parade in Mumbai | X The open-top bus that will be carrying team India during the victory parade in Mumbai | X

The Indian cricket team, that won the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, landed in Mumbai on Thursday evening for the victory parade and felicitation ceremony. Rohit Sharma's men left the national capital after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi upon their arrival from Barbados in the early hours of Thursday morning. The aircraft carrying the team was given a water salute. As the proceeded to the team hotel from the airport, they received a roaring welcome from thousands who awaited their landing.

Team India's victory parade from the Marine Drive to the Wankhede Stadium is being called the 'Vijay Yatra.' An open-top bus has been prepared to carry the Indian cricket team to the Wankhede, the venue of the BCCI felicitation event. 

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Initially, not much was revealed about the vehicle used for the open bus trophy tour in Mumbai. As the much-awaited victory parade is set to begin, here are five things to know about the open-top bus that has been selected to carry the victorious Indian cricket team during the 'Vijay Yatra' from Marine Drive to the Wankhede Stadium:

1. The open-top bus to be used for the Indian T20 team's victory parade in Mumbai has been called the "Vijay Rath" which loosely translates to the 'chariot of the victors' or the 'chariot of victory.'

2. The dark blue color-themed bus has been stickered with the photo of the victorious Indian team highlighting the T20 World Cup trophy celebration. The front and back sides of the bus have 'Champions 2024' inscribed on it.

3. The bus was reportedly parked at the Wankhede Stadium and is scheduled to pick up the "victors" at the NCPA (National Center for Performing Arts) near Nariman Point. 

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4. However, the 'Vijay Rath' bus got stuck amidst the crazy crowd en route to pick up the team. Mumbai Police had to intervene to control the crowd and make way for the bus to reach Marine Drive, reported news agency ANI along with visuals.

5. Rohit Sharma and his team will travel a total of 1.5 kilometers on the open-top bus from the starting point of the parade to the Wankhede Stadium, greeting the fans.

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