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Anton Rublievskyi, CEO Parimatch International speaks about the Indian Market and iGaming Industry


While the pandemic came as a huge setback for many businesses, it was a boom for the online gambling industry and for e-sports, which saw significant growth, especially during the lockdowns—since there was nothing else to do. So, what innovations has Parimatch come up with to take the brand to the next level?

Anton Rublievskyi: From the very beginning of the pandemic, Parimatch has been entirely focused on finding new ways to create deeper, more meaningful connections with the Indian audience and provide them with the best entertainment services. We were all about increasing user exposure in the region and bringing their iGaming experience to a qualitatively new level.

Our dedicated team of professionals knew that adapting to shifting customer requirements is an integral part of success. That’s why Parimatch has delved deeper into esports and come up with even more interactive data visualization features. We’ve introduced new entertainment options to our Indian fans, including instant games, simulated sports, non-competitive esports, free-to-play games, and many more! Speeding up the product by providing convenient payment options was also on the list of must-do tasks on the path to our product enhancement.

We all know that India is a huge market with many betting companies now coming forward to explore it. So, how do you plan to expand your base in India in the coming years?

Anton Rublievskyi: When talking about the Indian audience globally, we want to increase our brand awareness and become the leading brand in terms of iGaming and betting.

Parimatch is all about expanding internationally and conquering new markets. We provide a high quality product and localize it to different countries, delivering the best service and support so that the client feels that we are a reliable brand they can trust.

What makes Parimatch stand out from the crowd is 24/7 excellent customer service, an easy-to-use interface, lightning-fast withdrawals, generous promotions, and loyalty rewards. Being a fully-licensed betting platform with a 26-year history and top sponsorships, Parimatch has gained the trust of 1,000,000 active players worldwide.

Please share your thoughts on why the iGaming sector continues to grow despite the economic downturn?

Anton Rublievskyi: As time has shown, the iGaming sector is immune to dire financial straits and is rarely affected by economic downturns. The main reason why the iGaming industry is considered "recession-proof" is that people spend more time at home during a downturn. In addition, games are a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment. According to statistics, nowadays, betting is one of the most affordable ways to indulge positive emotions. In addition to fast dopamine release, it also provides a possibility of additional income. That’s how we explain its resilience to economic instability.

Parimatch is a legal international betting platform that gives its Indian fans the brightest and most attractive gaming experience for placing bets on their favorite sports. In every region where Parimatch is present, we operate under a local license. If the market is not licensed, we conduct a dialogue with the government and take part in round tables. A regulated market is always a win-win for both parties—it protects the interests of both the player and the betting operator.

Since the industry needs state-wide legalization, we focus on educating the market: working with legal structures to help understand the industry and come up with legal solutions; working with the media, etc. We go to conferences to spread the word about the market and legalization. And, of course, we explore the possibilities of getting the license in a few available states—Nagaland, Sikkim, and Meghalaya.

How does the industry deal with the various state and central laws on gambling?

Anton Rublievskyi:  India is one of the world’s biggest markets, even though it’s not legalized yet. As I’ve mentioned above, at the moment, we are working on helping the Indian market to get legalized. It’s a multifaceted project: we are cooperating with media and legal structures to educate all market stakeholders about betting and gambling advantages.

The legalization of betting in India will bring a number of benefits to the economy of the country. Firstly, the government will get huge revenue in the form of sales tax, income tax, etc. Secondly, it will help create enormous employment generation opportunities. What’s more, investors will be attracted to the sports industry considering the possible gains. Last but not least, sports will become more appreciated as there is a high chance that the legalization will increase overall passion and viewership, making both the players and the viewers happier with their career decision. Overall, regulating sports betting with proper laws will be much better than banning it. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Parimatch brand already has the experience in massively shifting public perception of gambling: it was done in the brand’s home ground Ukraine one year ago when the country was also in the process of legalizing gambling.

Once the market is legalized, we have huge plans for India—as we are one of the biggest brands in terms of brand awareness for the Indian audience globally. Currently, we, as the global sports betting brand, target Indian audiences worldwide, which helps to create the base for expansion and deeper work with the legalized Indian market in the future.

What are your future collaboration plans considering other sports franchise leagues?

Anton Rublievskyi: The Parimatch team regularly considers proposals for cooperation with athletes, teams, and different sports leagues. The decisive factor is the impact that every potential partnership can bring to the world and the end users. As soon as we find the right combination, the collaboration begins.

Our determined expansion into global sports is being achieved through partnerships with the biggest football clubs, such as Chelsea, Leicester City, Aston Villa, and Newcastle United. We are honored to have a vibrant team of brand ambassadors by our side, which includes South African cricket legend Dale Steyn and Ukrainian world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

We work in two main directions: increasing our brand awareness and building the right attributes and connections with the sports leagues, clubs, and ambassadors. Moreover, we feel like giving back is also of great importance. Investing in the sports industry is a part of it, we want to give back some part of our profits by investing in sports development.

Our international charity Parimatch Foundation continues to support society by engaging children in sports. Recently, we’ve launched a new program “Help to Ukraine,” aimed at supporting Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine. Its main goal is to ensure the safety, development and rehabilitation of children and their parents in the country and those who have temporarily left their homeland. Also, Parimatch Foundation provides a selection of other programs tailored to improve the health and well-being of society by giving children equal rights and access to sports.