Virtual reality is transforming realty sector

As buyers demand a better way of showcasing properties, VR is becoming a necessity


Virtual reality is becoming a necessity in Indian real estate with home buyers, developers and brokers demanding a better way of discovering and showcasing properties, according to realty portal

Singapore-based Elara Technologies, which owns three realty portals,, and, has introduced a virtual reality (VR) based solution RealtyVision 2.0' for its clients, which are realty firm brokers as well as home buyers.

The solution is the newest way of digitally presenting real estate projects within a simulated environment. It will work without an internet connection, easily facilitating customer visits.

"Virtual reality is moving from being a novelty to a necessity in the real estate sector. Home buyers, developers, and real estate agents are demanding a better and more efficient way of discovering and showcasing properties," said Ravi Bhushan, chief product technology officer of the three portals.

Stating that the company wants to augment the feel of home buying, he said this innovation will empower consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions more efficiently.

The product is an integration between touch devices and virtual reality that makes use of this advanced VR to give a conclusive picture of the home a customer is interested in.

The portable product offers 3D walkthrough support and can be controlled from both the buyer's as well as the seller's end. It will reflect the consumer's real-time journey via a touchscreen.