Nexus between DMK-INDI Alliance and illicit liquor mafia responsible for Kallakurichi tragedy: BJP

Nadda calls it 'state-sponsored murder'


Continuing its attack on the INDIA bloc over the hooch tragedy in Tamil Nadu, the BJP called it a "man-made disaster" and alleged that the "deep nexus between the ruling DMK-INDI ALLIANCE dispensation and illicit liquor mafia" was responsible for the deaths and called the deaths “state-sponsored murder.”

In a letter to Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge, BJP chief J.P. Nadda, who is also the Union health minister, said the incident in Kallakurichi has shaken the conscience of the entire nation.

He said he is writing to the Congress chief not merely as the president of the BJP but "more importantly as a Bharatiya."

"The ghastly images of burning funeral pyres, from Karunapuram village in Kallakurichi, Tamil Nadu, in the aftermath of Tamil Nadu’s worst ever spurious liquor consumption tragedy, that has left 56 dead until now and almost 159 persons hospitalized, has shaken the conscience of the entire nation," Nadda wrote.

Visuals of crying women and children who have lost their husbands, sons and fathers have left everyone speechless, Nadda said as he called the incident "a human tragedy of enormous proportions, which words alone can never truly encapsulate."

He said his party has been providing "utmost support to every distraught family."

"...Even as we collectively mourn this great loss I am constrained to acquaint you with a few shocking facts and circumstances, which perhaps could have helped in averting this mindless loss of innocent lives. And if, even at this stage, I dither from my moral obligation to present these facts before you for your cognizance and action, I would be failing in my responsibilities towards humanity as a whole,” Nadda wrote.

Perhaps if the deep nexus between the ruling DMK-INDI ALLIANCE dispensation and illicit liquor mafia did not exist, today 56 lives could have been saved, the BJP chief alleged.

He said when 23 people died in Villupuram and Chengalpattu after consuming spurious alcohol in May 2023, the BJP had cautioned the ruling DMK-INDI Alliance government of complicity and nexus between their functionaries and the illicit liquor mafia, but no attention was paid to the warnings.

Nadda reminded Kharge that the Congress that the party's manifesto for the 2021 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu had a detailed plan for liquor prohibition in the state.

"Ironically, your DMK-INDI Alliance government is now the biggest patroniser of illicit spurious liquor trade that has claimed hundreds of lives whenever you are in power."

Accusing the state government of cover-up, Nadda said, " and investigative reports so far have made it clear as to how this business of illicit liquor was functioning with impunity, right in the open and during broad daylight, obviously with patronage from the state and police. When the disaster struck, instead of immediately taking accountability and saving lives, the state administration was busy in trying to cover up."

“There are documented accounts about how one of the main accused was let off by the police just a few days ago, perhaps because of his political patronage and corruption in the law and order system, of which there is proof too. In light of these incontrovertible facts coming to the public domain, can this be termed as anything other than a 'state-sponsored murder'?”

He said Kharge, with his “vast experience in public life and administration” would reach the same conclusion he has.

Nadda alleged that the M.K. Stalin-led government continues to block a free and fair independent probe by opposing a CBI investigation.

When there is clear political patronage and nexus involved, will the true perpetrators ever be brought to justice by such a probe, Nadda asked.

The BJP chief claimed that the voices of opposition are muzzled in Tamil Nadu and questioned the silence of the Congress over the tragedy.

"I was shocked that when such a huge disaster has taken place, the Congress party led by you, has maintained a stoic silence on this. Certain issues require us to rise above and beyond party lines and the welfare and safety of the SC, ST community is one such issue. Kharge ji today it is time to truly walk the talk on “Nyay” and not reduce it to a catchy campaign slogan, deployed for the launch of a failed political dynast."

He asked Kharge to press up on the ruling government to go for a CBI probe into the deaths.


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