Mumbai woman finds human finger in ice cream: What we know so far as Malad Police probe progresses

The finger was found as soon as the woman unwrapped the cone ice cream

Image of ice cream used for representation | Shutterstock Image of ice cream used for representation | Shutterstock

In a shocking development, a Mumbai resident reportedly found a human finger inside an ice cream that was ordered online from Yummo Ice Creams. It was inside a cone ice cream that the woman, a resident of Mumbai's Malad area found a human finger, on Wednesday night news reports said. 

Mumbai media reported that the woman had ordered three ice creams in all -- two mango-flavored cones and a butterscotch. It was in the latter that the severed body part was reportedly found by the woman's brother, Hindustan Times said in a report. 

After the man bit something solid inside the butterscotch ice cream, he took a closer look at the foreign particle. To his great horror, he found it was a piece of human flesh, the report added.

The woman soon reached out to the local police station and filed a complaint. Confirming the development, the police said that the finger was found by the complainant immediately after the cone was unwrapped. An FIR has been filed and a forensic test will be conducted to confirm whether the piece of flesh is human as claimed, or that of some animal, a Malad Police official told news agency ANI. 

Another senior police official told the media that the place where the ice cream was made and packed will be searched by the department soon. The incident is being probed with utmost seriousness, he added.

Yummo Ice Creams, meanwhile confirmed that it will fully cooperate with the authorities in investigating the shocking incident.

"We have stopped manufacturing at this third-party facility, isolated the said product at the facility and our warehouses, and are in the process of doing the same at the market level," Hindustan Times reported a company spokesperson as saying.

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