Pune Porsche crash: As fake video of teen goes viral, mother appeals cops to protect her son

Pune police said the teenager had no role in the video

The Porsche car hit two people in Pune's Kalyani Nagar, killing both The Porsche car hit two people in Pune's Kalyani Nagar, killing both | Twitter

A fake video purportedly showing the teen, who is accused of fatally knocking down two persons with his Porsche, is reportedly doing rounds on social media. The video shows him boasting about how he got away with the accident. However, the mother of the teen has come forward requesting the police to protect her son after the fake clip went viral.

In a video message, the teen's mother stressed that the clip had nothing to do with her son and that it was fake. "The video which is being circulated is not of my son. That is a fake video. My son is in the detention centre," says the teen's mother in her message.

She is seen breaking down before gathering herself and walking away from the camera.

The Pune Police said the video, showing the "teenager" boasting about getting away with the car crash, is fake. The officials said it was a fake account and that the teenager had no role in the video. According to PTI, the rap video was of a social media influencer.

This comes as the Pune police carried out a forensic examination of the car, which is in the possession of the Yerawada police station. "We have already carried out the forensic examination of the spot and now the car has also been examined. The technical aspects such as GPS, the cameras around the car were examined," PTI quoted a senior police officer, who is currently monitoring the investigation. 

The police also summoned the grandfather of the accused teen for interrogation. The grandfather was reportedly questioned together with Agarwal. "The grandfather, one of the friends of the teenager who was with him in the car when the accident took place, and the driver were questioned today in connection with the car accident," a crime branch official confirmed. 


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