Hyderabad: Heartbreaking video shows three of family, pet Husky dog brutally thrashed by group in Rahmatnagar

The Siberian Husky fell after taking a blow from one of the assaulters, CCTV visuals

hyderabad viral video dog husky attacked Left: The group of men attacking Srinath; right: Moments before the husky dog being attacked | Screengrab

An altercation between two neighbouring families resulted in a brutal assault on a man, two women and their pet dog in Hyderabad's Rahmatnagar. The incident, which reportedly happened on Tuesday, was caught on CCTV and it showed one of the attackers knocking down the dog, a Siberian Huskey, with a single blow. The owner of the dog, meanwhile, was rounded up and beaten by five men, the video showed. Two women of his family, who came to his aid, were also attacked using rods and giant bamboo. 

After an initial effort to harm the dog, all of the men involved in the attack turned their attention towards its owner, the video showed. The dog ran towards the entrance of a house nearby, suspectably that of the victims, only to be followed by two of the men armed with sticks and rods. Seeing the duo coming towards the house, the canine barked at them from the inside of the house. It was then one of the two landed a heavy blow at it in full force, another CCTV camera that covered the entrance of the house showed. The creature immediately collapsed and remained motionless as the blow landed, the video showed.

Caught on CCTV 

The horrible attack happened when a man identified as Srinath was out of his house to go on a walk with his Siberian Husky. As he stood holding the pet dog's leash, a man was seen passing them. The dog attempted to sniff the man, who made a gesture at Srinath. A few seconds later, the man returned and walked close to the leashed animal. The dog tried to make contact with him again, although not aggressively. A  group of men, as if awaiting a signal, jumped up on Srinath and the dog and started beating them. 

After a few seconds, Srinath was forced to the ground and beaten up mercilessly forcing two women to fall over him in an effort to save him from the blows. However, they were also injured in the futile effort to stop the group before more people in the locality arrived and pacified the attackers. 

What triggered the attack?

The dog had caused an issue between the two families residing in the Rahmatnagar neighbourhood on May 8, Wednesday. Madhu, the brother of Srinath, reportedly took the pet dog with him while going to submit a postal ballot. According to the police, the dog "attacked" another family residing in the area, resulting in an argument and the filing of a police case by both sides. The other party involved in the incident was identified as one Dhananjuy by SouthFirst.

Dhananjuy held a grudge against Madhu's family following the incident and wanted revenge, the Madhura Nagar police said. When he spotted Srinath on the streets with the dog on Tuesday evening, Madhu plotted the attack with four others. 

Along with Srinath and the dog, his mother Rajeshwari and sister Swapna also suffered serious injuries in the incident, the report said. All the five involved in the gruesome attack were picked up by the Madhuranagar Police after a case was registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. 


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