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Best Influencer Marketing Agency in India – GRYNOW


With the global pandemic triggered a shift in marketing methods, rendering the traditional locus obsolete, and adding gravity to the exponential growth of influencer marketing. According to IPA, there was a 20% decline in advertising while 46% increase in marketing through content creators.

In order to leverage the best of latest influencer marketing trends, it is crucial to associate your brand with the best influencer marketing agency in India. However, shortlisting the ideal agency for your brand is not easy as it seems.

The best part about collaborating with top influencer marketing company like Grynow Media Pvt. Ltd. is their contributions at both ends of the spectrum. They not only help enrich a brand’s content strategy but also motivate potential customers to purchase a product/service from your brand.

Let’s discuss how to you can find the ideal influencer marketing agency for your brand.

How to Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Platform?

The following 4 points are the key indicators of a great agency:

1.   Willingness to create different types of influencer marketing campaigns

If viewed through a holistic perspective, collaboration between influencers and brands produces different types of content & campaigns including, giveaways, contests, sponsored posts, unboxing videos, affiliate marketing, etc.

Over 94% of people go to social media to make their purchase decisions (Source- HubSpot), thus, countering your audience via different content types becomes highly crucial for your brand.

Therefore, choosing an influencer agency that is willing to and is experienced in creating different type of campaigns is need of the hour!

2.   Creating customer centric narratives

The concept of influencer marketing is progressively becoming more standalone as it focusses more on a singular venture only, rather than supporting a bigger campaign for a brand.

This leads to customers becoming more untoward and untrustworthy towards the brand. Thus, it has become highly essential for brands to create customer-centric narrative, and influencer marketing companies have a huge role to play in it.

Top influencer platforms inspire brands and creators to choose a narrative that is more customer centric by acknowledging and fulfilling their needs through incredible storytelling.

3.   Establishing lasting relations with creators

As discussed in the earlier point, most brands only invest in influencer marketing campaigns as one-off ventures. According to Ted Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Innovators, every 4.3 in 10 marketers are experimenting with creators but only every 2.8 in 10 are involving them on a campaign level. Meaning, brands are not leveraging the full potential influencer marketing has to offer.

Thus, visionary influencer marketing agencies believe in building long lasting influencer relations and leading us into a revolution- Influencer Marketing 2.0, if you will. This contributes further into creating brand ambassadors and building trust with their audience in the long run.

4.   Strategic market positioning of brands & creators

Inventive influencer platforms like Grynow have acquired a profound understanding & skill set of positioning a brand’s campaign in a way that it yields desirable outcomes.

However, platforms often forget to leverage the time between two consecutive campaigns to seek feedback, hold in-depth conversations with the audience, understand what the current results mean for the next campaign and how to alter the upcoming strategy.

This is not only brilliant use of resources, but also a key to build credibility with both- the audience and the influencer as this practice allows a brand to perceived as proactive and sensitive towards customer sentiment.

This USP is what sets Grynow apart from fellow influencer platforms.

Best Practices Followed by Top Influencer Marketing Platforms

Key feature of every inspired influencer agency is their keenness to follow the best industry practices. This not only benefits the brands they collaborate with, but also improves a creator’s credibility in the long run.

1.   Pair up brands with the right influencers- Leading influencer marketing agencies like Grynow have massive influencer networks of verified creators.

2.   Set up realistic campaign budget- This ensures viable & optimum expenditure of resources in order to produce excellent efficiency.

3.   Reviews drafts created by influencers- To ensure it follows the narrative set by the brand.

4.   Set realistic deadlines- This goes for both brands and creators, as well as for drafts, tracking progress and payments.

5.   Specific payment models in place- Top agencies ensure ease of payment and transparency that creates trust by defining specific payment models in place.

Closing Thoughts

The best influencer marketing platforms strive for a transparent deal between brands, creators and themselves, in terms of deliverables, goals, time required, course of action, etc. They are efficiently result-oriented to not only bring short term results but also fit into the bigger picture and support the narrative of future campaigns.

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