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WATCH: Haryana doctor eats cow dung on camera; says it can cleanse soul, purify body

Many social media users lambasted him for these unscientific claims


“Consuming cow dung can cleanse the mind and soul and can purify body as well. My mom used to eat cow dung when she was fasting.” These might sound like claims found in a Whatsapp forward that is ridiculed, or on a troll page. But they are not! These are pearls of wisdom from a Haryana pediatrician who is seen eating cow dung and espousing its virtues in a videos that are going viral.

The pediatrician, identified as Manoj Mittal from Karnal in Haryana, is also seen listing the benefits of cow urine, of course without citing any verified study or scientific data.

In the seven-minute videos, he also makes claims such as cow urine contains gold, can cure even cancer and asks women to eat dung if they wish to have a normal delivery.

While many social media users lambasted Mittal for these unscientific claims, there were also those who were amused by the pediatrician's fancy for the dung.

Cow shit, is still shit, said a user.

Another user wanted to know who gave him medical degree.

Someone sought to bring the issue to the notice of Indian Medical Association.

This is gross, this is unacceptable, this is insane, someone stop this, said another user.


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