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Manipal Hospitals celebrates ‘Strong Women. Strong World’


On International Women’s Day, Manipal Hospitals addressed the most relatable health issues among women from 13 to 50 years & above

Bengaluru, March 2021: Honoring the ‘Power of Her’ on International Women’s Day, Manipal Hospitals organized an event with a panel of experts to connect with the strong women of today and address the key health concerns of women in their 13’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and above. Highlighting the need to understand women’s health at every age, Manipal Hospitals provided a platform to address the queries and concerns of women from different walks of life.

The event was organized in the presence of eminent officials BJP state spokesperson Malavika Avinash, Mr Dilip Jose, CEO, Manipal Hospitals, Mr Karthik Rajagopal, COO, Manipal Hospitals and Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals. Dr. Hemanandini Jayaraman, Consultant- Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road, Dr. Arathi Rama Rao, Consultant- IVF and Fetal Medicine, Manipal Hospitals Whitefield, Dr. Meena Muthaiah, Consultant- Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Manipal Hospitals Jayanagar, and Dr. Gayathri Karthik, HOD & Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road were a part of the expert panel who offered feasible solutions to the women’s health issues across different category of age groups.

From menstrual pain, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, prolonged family planning, mid-life crisis and peri menopause, to various other health issues, the group of doctors at Manipal Hospitals highlighted the most relatable health concerns faced by the women of today. During the session, practical solutions for women’s sanitary hygiene, possibilities for delayed pregnancy through egg freezing, periodic ultrasound scans, pap smear and breast examination were highlighted by the doctors.

Dr Hemanandini Jayaraman, suggested that swimming, yoga and exercise helps in easing period pain. “We have observed a lot of anxious mothers visiting the hospital these days with their young daughters who get their first period when they are aged nine. It is one of the challenges to make a child as young as that understand about menstruation and the changes that are happening to her body.” Dr. Arathi Rama Rao highlighted about the increase in awareness for egg freezing. “It has become the current trend. If there is a medical indication like a woman’s mother having reached early menopause, they have a reason to check their fertility potential and freeze their eggs to conceive at a later stage”, she said. Dr Gayathri Karthik stressed on women getting periodic ultrasound scans, pap smears, and breast examinations. “Early detection of cancers affect the cervix paves way for better chances of treatment,” she stated. Weighing in on the ideal conception age, Dr Meena Muthaiah said women should try conceiving between 25 and 35 years. “There is risk of mothers developing BP in later age pregnancies.”, she said.

Mr Dilip Jose, CEO, Manipal Hospitals, said “We are delighted that 60% of our employees are women, and they keep the flag flying for Manipal Hospitals. During the pandemic times, the efforts by our medical staff kept us going, many of which were led by women. The healthcare sector is fortunate to be predominantly led by women. In a diverse country like India, while the solution for healthcare is preventive and promotive care, the key factors that come under preventive care include sanitation and hygiene, safe drinking water, education, and women empowerment. The efforts for women empowerment will play a significant role for India to reach global standards in the healthcare sector, and we hope to seek more women leaders to join the bandwagon in the healthcare industry.”

Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals, said “Women have played a crucial role in my role to the extent that everyone in my family has taken our maternal surname. Though women have been suppressed in the past, they have come a long way. They’re present in almost all fields of occupation, be it medical, engineering, the police force, etc. Personally, I don’t believe women are equal to men, instead, women are superior to them. Women’s Day should not just be a one-day celebration, it should be a reminder for us of an ongoing mindset change and gender set sensitization. Even with the immense progress made by women in our society, they are still deprived of the rights they deserve. This has to change. Manipal Hospitals has always been an avid supporter of equal opportunities, rights, and the advancement of women and youngsters.”

About Manipal Hospitals:

As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is among the top 5 healthcare providers in India serving over 3 million patients annually. Its focus is to develop an affordable, high quality healthcare framework through its multispecialty and tertiary care delivery spectrum and further extend it to homecare. With 11 tertiary / quaternary care facilities and 4 secondary care hospitals spread across India and abroad, Manipal Hospitals today operates and manages about 6,000 beds across 15 hospitals. Manipal Hospitals provides comprehensive curative and preventive care for a multitude of patients from around the globe. Manipal Hospitals is NABH, AAHRPP accredited and most of the hospitals in its network are NABL, ER, Blood Bank accredited and recognized for Nursing Excellence. Manipal Hospitals has also been the most respected and patient recommended hospital in India through various consumer surveys.

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