Hassle-free inter-state vehicle transfer to soon become reality

Motor vehicle information will be available on online database Vahan-4

delhi-traffic-pti Representational image | PTI

The sweeping changes brought about by the motor vehicle department's centralised website have made inter-state vehicle transfers an easy task. The process of transferring information about all vehicles in every state are in the final stage and the system is expected to become operational by the first week of February.

The online data base, created by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), can be accessed from any Regional Transport Office (RTO in the country. Motor vehicle information in all the states will be available on the portal and special systems being used in each state will become irrelevant. Motor vehicle information of various states will be available on online database Vahan-4, whereas the driver licence information can be accessed on Sarathi-4.

With the introduction of the new system, transfer of vehicles from anywhere in the country can now take place from within the state itself. This will save the vehicle owners from paying road tax for transfer of their vehicles from one state to another and getting a new registration number.

Currently, in order to transfer registration of vehicle from one state to another, one has to get an NOC from the original issuing authority (RTO) and apply for a new number. The transferee is made to pay the road tax for another 10 years, which has already been paid in the former state. This involves a lot of corruption and time delay of several months. As the information of vehicles across the country becomes available online, there will be a unified legal system in the country. Frauds involving interstate vehicle transfers can also be prevented.

Sarathi-4 will enable verification of driving licenses issued anywhere in India. Driving licence holders can update their communication details like change of address or telephone numbers online.