Part 2 of 'Bridgerton Season 3' has finally arrived and here is everything you need to know

The new season explores the story of Ms. Penelope Featherington

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Season 3 of Shondaland’s hit Netflix series 'Bridgerton', which follows the lives of the Bridgerton siblings as they navigate the trials and tribulations of modern Regency-era society, has managed to captivate the ton. The latest season explores the story of the beloved wallflower, Ms. Penelope Featherington, and the third Bridgerton sibling, Mr. Colin Bridgerton as their equation shifts from friends to lovers. Part 1 of the latest season which premiered on 16th May 2024, followed Penelope as she tried to move on from her crush on Colin and navigate her final year on the marriage market before she was labeled a spinster. 

In desperate need to find a husband, Penelope undergoes an entire transformation and even has to resort to taking help from Colin, who has recently returned from his travels, to gain confidence to find a husband.  The latest season shifts the show's focus onto an ensemble storyline and explores the changed dynamics between Penelope and Eloise who cannot grapple with the knowledge of the real identity of Lady Whistledown. It also touches on the lives of the other Bridgerton siblings with Francesa out in society and explores the budding romance between the new Dowager Bridgerton and Lord Marcus Anderson. 

Part one of the latest season ends on a cliffhanger with Colin confessing his newfound feelings for Penelope in a heated exchange and seeking her hand in marriage.  

Part 2 of the much-anticipated series has finally arrived on June 13th with the final 4 episodes filled with scandals, gossip, and more of the Bridgerton drama following the aftermath of Colin’s dramatic proposal. Nicola Coughlan who plays the role of Penelope manages to steal the spotlight with her nuanced acting whereas Luke Newton, the beloved Colin Bridgerton, gets shrouded in her shadows with his limited range and charm. Colin seems to be lacking any of the charm or pull that the rest of his family members seem to be blessed with. 

Part 2 of the season sees Penelope getting to live out her happily ever after. But her evermore seems to be threatened by her secret side hustle as Lady Whistledown which hangs over her head like the sword of Damocles. While the beginning of part two sees Colin's family delighted by the news of the new betrothal, Eloise is not happy about it and threatens to reveal the secret if Penelope doesn’t dare to do so. It also sees Lady Whistledown, the regency-era Gossip Girl, back in action taking society by storm, and the witch hunt that ensues to uncover her identity which puts Penelope in an even more vexing situation. 

The show stealers this season seems to be Francesca Bridgerton portrayed by Hannah Dodd. Her character is a direct contrast to her siblings with her being much more reserved and delicate than her other sisters. Francesca, who wasn’t necessarily looking for a love match this season, finds her heart swayed by John, Earl of Kilmartin (Victor Alli). The two put on a masterclass in chemistry, a stark contrast to the dynamics between Penelope and Colin, who put on too much of a show to show that they are truly and madly in love. 

Aside from her, Cressida Cowper, portrayed by Jessica Madsen, and Lady Portia Featherington, played by Polly Walker, establish themselves as two pivotal characters who manage to steal the spotlight and alter the arch of the story. Cressida is molded by her circumstances. Her actions were a direct consequence of what she was subjected to and Madsen’s portrayal of the multi-faceted character makes the viewers understand and despise her at the same time. 

Polly Walker on the other hand manages to show a different side to Lady Featherington, showing that all the acts committed by her have been in good faith for her daughters and she desired nothing more than for her daughters to enjoy a life better than the one she was burdened with. Of all the plots and subplots, these two manage to shine through. 

The last four episodes see Penelope’s transformation from being a wallflower to embracing her identity as the infamous Lady Whistledown, proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with. The second half of the season deals with the conflicting need of Colin to protect Penelope (whom he sees as a damsel in distress) and to make her feel seen and safe and Penelope’s need to continue her stint as Lady Whistledown all the while making reconciliations and keeping her identity hidden from her betrothed. While Polin remains the star of the show, the intertwining subplots also manage to stand on their own setting a new tone for future seasons. Wherever the Polin plot lacked, the stories of Cressida, Francesca, and Violet made up for it, making it a balanced show. Season 3 of the franchise sets itself apart with its slower pace and multiple subplots as compared to the previous seasons and it is indeed what makes this season the true Diamond of the franchise. 


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