Shah Rukh Khan faces protest for promoting online gaming app; security beefed up outside his residence

Mumbai Police have detained a few people

shah rukh khan online gaming

In the wake of protests over Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan endorsing an online gaming app, rummy portal A23 Games, the Mumbai Police have beefed up security outside the actor's residence, Mannat, in the city.

A23 Games had recently released an ad campaign featuring the actor. The ad stoked a controversy, with a forum, Untouch Youth Foundation, opposing the decision of the actor to promote the online gaming platform and calling for a protest outside the actor's residence.

"Famous actors and actresses work in these advertisements and they are working towards misguiding society," the forum claimed in a statement.

Krishchandra Adal, president of the forum, pointed out that if someone is gambling outside, the police arrest them, but Bollywood actors are promoting online games and misleading the youth.

"The Bollywood stars also know it is wrong, but they are getting money so they are promoting them. We make these stars famous by watching their movies and spending our money on them. We demand these advertisements to stop," he was quoted as saying.

According to media reports, the police have detained a few people.