Author Tom Holland mocks Modi; a section of Indians call for boycott of Spiderman movie

The author then called Modi "man of immense humility," to "save Marvel's profits"


"I’m a huge admirer of the modesty Modi showed in naming the world’s largest cricket stadium after himself," tweeted Tom Holland, after the refurbished Sardar Patel cricket stadium in Ahmedabad was renamed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Quite expectedly, the tweet offended a section of Indians. What followed was again quite expected—call for boycott and the reminder to Holland that it was India's internal matter.

While many users said they are never going to watch another Spiderman movie, one asked Hollywood actor Tom Holland to focus on finishing the third part of Spiderman as renaming the stadium after PM Modi was India's “internal matter.”

However, what the enthusiastic folks who called for boycott failed to realize was the Tom Holland who made the remark was an author who has published best-selling books on topics including classical and medieval history and not the Spiderman actor.

The author was amused. Oh dear - I seem single-handedly to have destroyed prospects for the next Spider-Man in India," he tweeted, reacting to the 'boycott Spiderman' call.

He also apologised to the makers of the Spiderman movie saying, "I should have remembered that with great power comes great responsibility."

In the same vein, he called Modi a "man of immense humility," to "save Marvel's profits in India." "Just for the record, & to save Marvel’s profits in India, I freely acknowledge that Narendra Modi is a man of immense humility, and that his naming the world’s largest cricket stadium after himself is in no way quite hilariously immodest," he tweeted.