Switching from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Lite: What you need to know

The PC version of PUBG requires gameplay changes if you want that chicken dinner

PUBG-LITE-PUBGCorporation Promotional image for PUBG Lite | PUBG Corporation Facebook page

The Lite version of PUBG is an attempt by PUBG Corporation to get more players onto the PC experience of the game, which it was originally designed for. The full version of PUBG was notorious for demanding a powerful system in order to play it, resulting in the LITE version being released to tap the mass market of gamers.

The basic system requirements to play PUBG Lite include an Nvidia i3 processor (2.4Ghz or more), 4GB of RAM, and a GPU with Direct X 11 support that is at least as powerful as an Intel HD 4000, a mobile graphic card that comes shipped with many laptop as a default option.

While PUBG Mobile gamers will be eager to shift to the PC version, there are some key differences that made the PC version a whole new animal to play with. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your gameplay when you switch from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Lite.

Learn to adapt to life without auto-pickup

If you have ever watched game streamers play PUBG, you would have seen how they quickly make decisions about what gear to pick up, rapidly clicking the mouse button while looking down. For PUBG Mobile players, the experience was totally different as auto-pickup let you customize what gear you wanted and in what quantity, letting you just walk through loot with the AI doing the rest.

The most basic way to loot is to look at items and click F. This takes time and attention, taking your eyes off the environment and putting you at danger of being ambushed.

Depending on whether there are other players around, you could try to move while you loot, looking down for only the instant that you need to see and flick the item.

There are two other ways of looting: Holding right click and using drag and drop. The right-click method forces a character animation to take place, making this the slowest method. A better technique is to drag and drop, something you will see streamers do a lot. You will need to memorize the locations of inventory slots to be able to do this efficiently and in a pinch.

Footsteps and gunshot indicators on the map

In PUBG Lite, you will not be able to see footsteps on the minimap, but you can see an icon when enemies fire, along with an arrow indicating the direction.

Breaking windows

Windows have glass, which makes a breaking sound as you jump in or out of them. Keep this in mind if stealth is a consideration.

Slow walk option

Hold shift while looking through your sights to walk, muffling your footsteps. Keep track of the lung-icon indicator, as this only stabilizes your shot for a few seconds.

Key bindings

Throwing a grenade is faster in the PC version, as you just need to tap the ‘g’ key (like in other first-person shooters).

Change ADS mode to Hold from Toggle

By default, aiming down sights (ADS) is a toggle switch, meaning that once you right-click it stays in that mode until you right-click again. To disable this, change it to ‘hold’ in the settings, which will keep the ADS mode on only as long as you hold the right-click button.