Telugu singer Pranavi opens up about sexual harassment she faced

She was speaking about the issue of casting couch in the industry

Pranavi-instagram via Instagram

Casting couch is an evil that refuses to go away, however much the actors and others in various film industries refuse to acknowledge the prevalence of it.

Pranavi Acharya, popular for her songs in the Telugu movies Happy Days, Sri Ramadasu, Yamadonga and Lion has now come out, speaking about an experience of sexual harassment she faced in the beginning of her singing career.

According to media reports, when the singer was asked about her take on casting couch, she admitted that she has faced harassment in the past. She said she was told that she would be given chances to sing only if she can return the favour sexually.

Speaking about one particular incident, she said once she was told by a director that she would be given a chance to sing in the movie only if she agrees to sleep with him. Pranavi said she was very young then and told him the same.

According to media reports, she said the director was insistent even after she told him a strict 'no'. When he tried to persuade her again, she said she would slap him with her slipper.

Last year, actor Sri Reddy sparked a debate when she staged a protest against casting couch in Tollywood. The industry didn't take kindly to her allegations and protest and many actors condemned her move, saying it was just a 'cheap publicity' stunt.