Facebook logo is not the same anymore; here's what Meta did to iconic blue 'f'

Meta has subtly upgraded the Facebook logo and here is how the 'f' is different now

facebook logo change Meta has updated Facebook logo

Facebook logo is not the same anymore. No, we are not talking about the square box being dropped for a circular design to hold the 'f'. It has been updated again!

But don't blame yourself if you fail to notice it. Because the changes incorporated are not obvious that users would notice the moment they log in. In other words, the social media major has not gone for a revamp of the famous 'f'. Instead, Facebook has made some subtle changes to their iconic logo. 

Logged in again but failed to spot the difference(s) yet again? Worry not. Here is a guide on the salient changes: 

  • The objective of the design upgrade is to make the logo “bolder, electric and everlasting”.  So Meta, Facebook's parent company, opted for a darker blue colour.

  • The iconic lowercase “f” has been more visually accessible in the platform’s app with "stronger contrast" for the letter "to stand apart," The Independent reported quoting an official blog by Facebook. 

  • The new logo incorporates a “more confident expression of Facebook’s core blue color,” the blog post reportedly added. In a hilarious reaction to this statement by the company, a user thus jotted on X (formerly Twitter): "I really love the phrase “a more confident expression of Facebook’s core blue color.” That’s a lot of words to say that the logo is a darker blue!"

  • According to the report, Facebook claims that the new logo uses its custom typeface – Facebook Sans – and a redesigned wordmark to “create a consistent treatment and improve overall legibility.”

  • The subtle, but significant changes allowed the company to achieve optical balance with a sense of forward movement, Facebook's director of the design was quoted as saying by the media. 

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