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5 Wall Paint Trends That We Will See This Year


Colour has the power to impact moods and feelings. For example, yellow is much-loved in India. Warm shades like mustard, mellow and amber are often used as accents with white. It induces a sense of joyfulness, sunshine and happiness. Key elements of Indian homes are rich colours, patterns and textures that offer an exotic flair. But for the right effect, you need to choose the right shades and undertones to complement different architectural elements, such as Jharokha style balconies and intricate jaali patterns, very typical of Indian homes.

Consult Berger Express Painting services where professionals promise a safe and hassle-free painting, colour consultation and paint site sanitisation experience. A fresh coat of Berger interior paint ensures a luxurious makeover of your walls. Experts can add mesmerising touches with designer finishes too. But before that, here’s a look at a few interior colour and palette trends that are trending in 2022.

1.  Fresh Green

Benjamin Moore chose October Mist while Sherwin Williams picked a subdued green (Evergreen Fog) as one of the 2022 Colours of the Year. You can consider the best Berger paint for interiors in pastel, dark, accent and intermediate shades of green to suit your taste. Use Berger’s Bella Mint, Polar Ice, Misty Vale, Essence Teal, Fresh Air, Irish Moss, Fairy Garden Green and Emerald Gem interior house paints to create unique combinations. They make a subtle yet stunning statement since green is the colour of prosperity, nature and revitalization. It promotes a feeling of well-being within the home and has a captivating visual effect. Pick low VOC paints formulated with vibrant pigments designed to give a rich appearance while reducing pollution and bacteria.

2.  Comforting Red

Rusty red is an earthy tone and matches the sentiment of sustainability. Experts suggest that the Earth healed with clear air and water bodies amid the pandemic. Our homes should also reflect this with oh-so-comforting and soil-like tones. You can pair emulsion paints in rich browns with lighter creams to maintain the opulence of the home. Cranberry Craze, Sheer Red, Full Bloom, Scarlet Tide and Aged Merlot can be perfect room interior colour accents and ensure an organic natural effect on your walls. You can also check out reds that create a vibrant, lively and exciting vibe that was popular in the ‘50s.

3.  Elegant Blue

Pick refreshing interior wall paint from limitless shades like Berger’s Whirlpool, Sea of Tranquillity, Bubbling Brook or Sapphire Mist. Pantone Very Peri is one of the top trends in 2022, perfectly expressing the optimistic mood of this year, such as embracing new possibilities and opening ourselves to an “altered reality.” It can exude a vintage, cool, clean and contemporary feel. Blue is widely recommended for children’s rooms. The calming effect of this wall colour can ease anxiety and ensure peaceful sleep. It can also evoke a sense of contentment, being the colour of the sky and ocean. Select shades close to periwinkle blue, which is expected to rule the trends in 2022. Aqua shades can also create a distinct style of modern simplicity.

4.  Warm Neutrals

Choose timeless colours to create a warm background. The key concern is to bring about a serene sophistication in your living room or bedroom. Choose a paint like Berger Silk Glamor, a luxury emulsion that gives your walls a rich sheen, metallic shimmer and glamourous look. Select shades that match Mocha, soft clay or Irish coffee tones. Fawn Taupe, Lustre Beige, Cinnamon Sprinkle, Safari Dress and Sandy Beach could be great picks. These interior wall paints can pair with almost any colour, turning your home into a plush retreat of comfort and restfulness. In fact, pastels and peppy shades are the best combinations when it comes to muted tones.

5.  Peaches and Orange

A pop of stimulating and energising interior house paint colours can be a game-changer. It is especially perfect for your balcony or terrace areas. This can result in a great transformation with a high-end visual effect. Bright tones are ideal for your living room too. Experts say that they can create a dramatic regal appearance and highlight artworks, décor, accessories and masterpieces in the room. The shades can also be used to create a focal point in any colour scheme. Pick bold and striking colours like Hazeltine, Fall Canyon, Autumn Bloom and Sun Blazer. These are easy to introduce to your home and can be balanced with earthy tones. High-spirited colours are a good way to connect different spaces throughout the home. You might not require partitions to mark your zones.

Make sure the colours go well with the wooden furniture, upholstery and overall vibe of your home. Always pick healthy, sustainable products with minimal toxins and chemicals for a safe experience. Consult paint specialists, such as Berger Express Painting , for expert advice to bring new life to the walls.

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