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An Entrepreneur Creating Entrepreneurs: The Unique Success Story of An Indian Brand That Is Making India ‘Aatmanirbhar’


Most of the companies we ever come across are meant for customers or businesses. But have you ever heard of a company that converts its customers into stand-alone businesses? Sounds odd? Well, we are talking about an Indian brand that specializes in creating self-sufficient and profit-generating businesses out of individuals with little to no idea about their business model. Confused? Keep reading.

Led by Nishkarsh Sharma, a Computer Science graduate turned e-commerce entrepreneur from Delhi, Digital Dukaandaar is a coaching brand that primarily works in training individuals to become e-com entrepreneurs using print on demand and dropshipping. To date, they have made a whopping 2.5mn USD (INR 18cr) in revenue for their clients. Digital Dukaandaar trains their clients in starting their online stores, run ads to generate income and scale it to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue with a consistent profit margin of 15-20%.

Business Model

Digital Dukaandaar teaches e-commerce to their clients in the print on demand business niche using dropshipping as a delivery method. Using this process you can get your custom designs printed on daily use commodities like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bed sheets, jewellery, masks, etc. and delivered to your customers on a per order basis with the help of your fulfillment partner under your own brand name.

This model is highly cost-effective and easily executable as there is no inventory cost, no delivery hassles and no big investment needed. Thus, you can focus more on customer acquisition, satisfaction and scaling your business.

Digital Dukaandaar teaches international e-commerce to their clients because the US, the UK and the European markets have more expenditure capacity as compared to India. In a way, they are helping bring foreign currency to India and in the process generating employment and money for its clients.

Success Stories

Started in 2018 by Nishkarsh Sharma, Srijan Bhardwaj and Sidhant Jhunjhunwala, Digital Dukaandaar has coached over 15,000 people via various programs. Here are some of their success stories:

1.      Mukul Mishra: A father of two from Indore, Mukul is a Civil Engineer by training who made it big in the print on demand business with the proven business methodology of Team Digital Dukaandaar. As of now, he is working full time and runs an e-store with total revenue of over INR 5.4 crores (in 2 years) and counting. Inspired by the help he received from Digital Dukaandaar, he has joined them as a coach to help others achieve their financial goals.

2.      Aditi Surve: A 20-year-old college-going student wanted to start her own venture but lacked direction. Under the guidance of this company, she was able to generate over INR 70 lakhs in revenue within 5 months. Since she had learnt online marketing with Digital Dukaandaar, she started her own online marketing agency to create an alternate source of income which turned out really well for her. As of today, she is making INR 20,000 per day with her businesses.

3.      Tauseef N Sheikh: A US-based automobile salesman, Tauseef wanted to start his e-commerce journey but lacked the skills to synchronize his business. Working closely with Digital Dukaandaar, he has crossed over INR 3.5 crores in sales recently.

4.      Shubham: A marketing guy from New Delhi who was preparing for foreign entrance exams thought of taking e-commerce as a side business. Upon receiving mentorship from the company, he made over INR 1.7 crores in revenue.

5.      Vishal Srivastava: Coming from a tier-3 city, Vishal has made over INR 70 lakhs within 11 months with the right mentorship from Digital Dukaandaar.

6.       Rohan Chudankar: Originally from Maharashtra, Rohan is a trained engineer. Not satisfied with his job, he chose to join Digital Dukaandaar’s signature program to learn e-commerce. As of today, he has made over INR 70 lakhs in revenue and is a full-time e-com entrepreneur.

7.      Archit Mangal: A 23-year-old recent college graduate, Archit decided to join Digital Dukaandaar in 2020 during the lockdown under the guidance of Nishkarsh and his team. He has crossed INR 70 lakhs mark recently. Not only this, he has also started his own online marketing agency.

8.      Aman Kumar: A Delhi based Chartered Accountant, Aman wanted to build an online business but didn’t know the process. When he came in contact with Digital Dukaandaar and started his e-com journey under the company’s guidance, he made over INR 80 lakhs in revenue within a year. He also runs his online media management agency that goes by the name Winner Media.

9.      Soubagya Ron Biswas: When the ongoing lockdown struck the fitness industry last year, Soubagya’s financial situation took a major hit among many other gym owners in India. He joined DD’s signature program to learn online business and start his e-com store. As of today, he has made 6 figures in USD and is pursuing e-com full-time.

10.  Arun Lobo: With a background in online marketing, Arun learnt e-commerce and used his skills to start and quickly scale his new POD venture and made a whopping INR 70 lakhs in revenue in just 82 days.

Apart from these people from the USD 100k club, many more of their clients are in the process of reaching their $100k goal. Most of the people from the above list have been interviewed by Nishkarsh Sharma on his podcast and its videos are available on YouTube.

The founders of Digital Dukaandaar have been in the POD business selling t-shirts in the international market since 2017 generating a revenue of INR 32.4 crore till date.

When asked regarding the competition Digital Dukaandaar is creating for their POD business by empowering others to start their own e-stores, Nishkarsh said, “The world has a population of over 7.5bn and these print on demand products are meant for daily usage which means that the market is still unsaturated and can accommodate more players. Moreover, there can be 100s of niches to serve various sections of society. So, it’s not much of a competition. And, the happiness that comes by empowering others to become self-sufficient is unparalleled. We are on a mission to make India self-sufficient in its truest essence.”

The brand seems to rise with new numbers coming up for their clients every other month. And the best part is that they don’t take any share in your business for their continued support and guidance. So, if you are intrigued by their numbers and idea, go give e-commerce a shot with their 5-day Ecom Freedom Challenge.

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