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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announces next brand, ‘Nothing’

Scarce details announced for Pei’s "smart devices" tech company


OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei on Thursday unveiled the name of his next brand, “Nothing”.

Pei tweeted a picture of a giant reset button, which led to a video with the following, amiguous narration:

"It's easy to make something. Even easier when it's just like the thing before it. And the one before that. But like all good things, this one starts from scratch. No notes. No blueprints. No map to find our way back. We're rethinking everything. From what we make and how we make it. To what goes in and what goes out. A giant reset button for all things innovation. And so we go. Confident that technology in reach isn't worth reaching for. We know, because we tried reaching a little further. And came up with nothing."

Pei left OnePlus in October.

With new social media accounts, Nothing has put out no details on what it offers. Nonetheless, the company promises a reimagining of technology, with its Twitter bio stating, “Technology should fade into the background and feel like nothing.” All that is known, according to an interview Pei gave The Verge, is that it will involve “smart devices”.

The website quotes a few notables, however, including Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, as saying "I'm excited to see what Carl and the team at Nothing will build given their passion and experience in the space."

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