Know Why Your RO Water Purifier Stops Functioning – How To Resolve The Issue?


An RO water purifier is the best kitchen appliance you can have in your home. It provides you with safe and hygienic water 24x7. However, it is a machine, after all. It can stop functioning all of a sudden and leave you high and dry.

Almost everyone having an RO water purifier would have experienced such a situation. Does it sound alarming? In many ways, it should not because your RO water purifier can stop functioning the silliest of reasons, as well. You can rectify the issue in no time. However, if the matter is serious and seems out of your control, you can always rely on the manufacturer/product installer/AMC provider to come to your rescue.

Here are some simple reasons why your RO water purifier can stop functioning all of a sudden.

·   No water in the tank

It can happen at times. You might have switched off the water purifier at night and forgot to switch it on in the morning. Meanwhile, you would have used up all the water in the tank and leave it empty.

Solution: The solution is simple as the problem is silly. You can switch on the power supply and ensure that the feeder valve is turned on. Your purifier starts working again within no time.

·   No power to the water purifier

Such a situation can also arise at any time, where there might not be any input current to the power point. There could also be loose connections somewhere.

Solution: You can use a tester to check out whether there is a power supply to the power point. If there is no supply, you can check out the main switchboard to ensure there is no tripping of the current supply. Still, if there is no power supply to the point, you can call a local electrician to investigate the matter.

If there is power supply, you can check whether you have inserted the plug correctly. Loose connections can also be one of the reasons for your RO water purifier to stop working. If you are satisfied there are no loose external connections, you should contact your AMC provider or the authorised service centre. There could be issues with the input power supply inside the machine.

There are chances of the SMPS adapter burning out due to high voltage fluctuations, especially if you do not have circuit breakers in your home. Generally, we do not know how to replace these components. Therefore, it is advisable to seek assistance.

·   The Feeder Valve is shut off.

Usually, the RO water purifier does not have a separate water inlet at home. We install a feeder valve to the main kitchen water supply and divert water to the water purifier. It is not at all recommended to have such an arrangement, but many people still have it.

Solution: You can check out the feeder valve. It might have been accidentally shut off. Turning it on can resume the water supply to the purifier, and it will start working within no time.

·   Malfunction of the Pressure Pump:

The Reverse Osmosis process requires the machine to pump water at high pressure through the RO membrane. All RO water purifiers come with an in-built pressure pump. As a layperson, we do not have any idea whether the pump is functioning or not. Here is a small tip. The pressure pump makes a whirring noise when you switch on the water purifier. If you do not hear this noise, the pump has malfunctioned.

Solution: These pressure pumps are generally, not repairable. You can contact your AMC provider or the authorised service centre personnel to visit and investigate the matter. The pressure pump would require a replacement.

·   Short-circuit of the low-pressure switch

RO water purifiers need input water to have sufficient pressure. If the pressure falls below the threshold level, the machine switches off automatically. A short-circuit of the low-pressure switch can also cause the machine to shut down.

Solution: Your AMC provider should be able to replace the low-pressure switch within no time. You should also ensure that the input water pressure is within the specified limits.

·   Short-circuit of the solenoid valve

The solenoid valve plays a vital role in water purification. When you switch the machine off, this valve prevents the wastewater from flowing inside the RO membrane. If this valve suffers a short-circuit, it stops the flow of water to the RO membrane, thereby shutting off the machine.

Solution: The service provider should replace the solenoid valve for the machine to start functioning again.

·   Malfunctioning of the Float Valve

As a general rule, the float valve present in the water tank shuts off the water flow into the tank once it becomes full. Automatically, your RO water purifier stops working. As you use the water, the float valve releases the blockage, and the machine starts functioning again. The RO water purifier mechanism is such that the malfunctioning of this float valve shuts off the appliance altogether.

Solution: You should call the AMC provider to replace the float valve.

·   Airlock inside the machine

Such a problem does not occur frequently. The technician takes care to fit the tubes tightly after changing the filters, etc. However, if there is an air vacuum inside the tubes, it stops the water flow to the RO membrane and other purification channels. Thus, the machine stops functioning.

Solution: The authorised mechanic will identify such a problem within no time and release the airlock. If the tubes have a hairline crack, they need replacement.

·   Time to change the filters

The latest water purifiers come with an automatic system that shuts off the machine if the filters need immediate replacement. Such machines give out warnings in advance that it is time to replace the RO membrane and other filters. You should do so immediately on hearing the beep sounds. If you ignore them, the machine will stop functioning in some time.

Solution: The only solution is to contact the authorised service centre and replace the membranes and other filters.


We have discussed various situations where your RO water purifier can stop functioning. Though you can handle the minor issues comfortably, you might have to contact the authorised service provider for catering to the broader issues.

It is therefore advisable to have an AMC for your RO water purifier. The authorised service centres provide the AMC on the payment of a nominal fee. It ensures that the technician visits your house at regular intervals to check out the functioning of the machine. However, you should remember that the AMC does not cover the RO membranes, the pressure pumps, and other filters that require replacement.

Having an AMC is helpful because the appliance gets regular servicing. You need to keep your RO water purifier in perfect working condition all the time. It ensures your family’s good health.

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