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We learnt a famous personality started as an EMPLOYEE in a particular field, changed many fields and finally the person settled as a BUSINESSMAN. This person started the career as an employee in the Medicine line, goes to join Army, works as a window dresser at a fashion outlet, becomes a seller of menswear, becomes a designer, becomes a freelancer, marries an architectural background spouse, starts a small office of own, works for other business houses, creates own brand and finally conquers the World in Fashion Industry. Why will it happen that a person will shine more as a businessman than when in a job and vice-versa too? There must be some fundamental reasons for this. So, we spoke to Dr.Vinay Bajrangi – one of the best astrologers in India, who said selecting a Career by date of birth, plays a very significant role apart from a person’s own skills, interests, and resources. 

What are the main factors for success in career?

DVB – The best career for you is pre-destined to a larger extent. When you are born, a lot of things are embedded in your birth chart. Your purpose of life is clearly deciphered in your birth chart, but how do you achieve it is in your own hands. In my opinion, there are two main steps people should consider in career selection by date of birth: ·         

·       Which is the best stream to go for?        

·       How to achieve this career: as an employee or an employer? 

And let me tell you, your birth chart plays an important role in both these career decisions. Both these decisions get refined when you select a career by date of birth. 

Select right education stream by date of birth

Everyone has some natural skills and interests but do you know why different individuals have these traits different? These all come from your past life, which inculcates particular interests and skills in each person in different traits. Each planet supports a specific career, and position of planets in your different houses decides the best career for you. Accordingly, each Zodiac sign supports some particular career. 

You would have seen many talks about Career selection by Zodiac signs. But these are all based on when you are born. There can be many subsequent developments that may or may not allow you to pursue a career as per Zodiac signs like economic conditions, family factors, physical abilities, and other surrounding circumstances. Career as per Zodiac sign, can be one of the factor in making a career decision but not the only criterion to choose the best career. 

Most of such aspects take a decisive turn by the time; the native reaches a certain age. In my opinion, the first step towards Career selection is when you reach the age of say about 12 Years of age. Match your skills, natural interest, and your physical and financial ability to choose a career with what your horoscope supports and select education stream by date of birth. To many, selecting the right education stream becomes a complex decision. Parent’s inclination, your own surrounding, seeing others’ success in a particular stream can deter your decision to select the best education stream by your date of birth. Halt for a while here, do not protest or annoy anyone but deliberate properly and match all these factors what your horoscope indicates as the best career for your by date of birth? If you select the right education stream in line with the best career for you, the next step is to see how you would achieve success in that field: as an employee or employer? 

How to decide between job or business from date of birth?

If you decide on the right education stream by date of birth, you probably have won half of the marathon of your success in a particular career. The next step to decide is: how should pursue this career: as an employee or an employer? That is where you have to choose between job and business by your date of birth with proper evaluation. Once you make proper decisions at these two stages of career selection, you have put your career boat in the right direction. But the decision to do a job or business is not a simple one. It needs to examine your overall capabilities, skills, and interest as a person, which is seen from your Ascendant, the D-1 chart. This further needs to be vetted through many finer charts responsible for career building according to your birth chart. We need to examine:

1.     Foremost, the 10th house and its Lord, which is the prime indicator to determine the basic profession of the person. 

2.     3rd house and its Lord to evaluate courage, initiative, risk, and speculative capabilities of the person. An employer needs a much stronger 3rd house than an employee. 

3.     5th house and its Lord to evaluate knowledge and intuitive powers of the person. 

4.     7th house and its Lord to assess whether the person will be successful as an individual or in a business partnership with others. 

5.     9th house and its Lord to understand money flow, the dignity and favours from Govt. that a person will enjoy. Don’t forget a weak 9th house can bring a lot of troubles to a person in business. 

6.     11th house with its Lord to assess luck, fortune, and the gains a person will have in life.

All these finer charts play a significant role in selecting a career by date of birth.

The turning point in your career

Many gain immense success in a job, decide to quit the job, and switch to business. Many times saturation level or no growth in a job also prompts many to start their own businesses. Apart from considering above factors to decide between a job and business, Dasha and Gochar also play a significant role in making your decision success or failure. As the opening line of this article say, this particular person working for someone gave him a little success, but once he ventured into his own business in the same line, business success was phenomenal and is still pouring in. A highly prominent Doctor working in a hospital opens his own hospital and gains immaculate success as a businessman.

But let me tell you, all may not get similar type of success switching from a job to business because your above-mentioned charts have different success stories when you are an employee and employer. If this was not so, probably all successful Doctors would have opened their clinics or hospitals. Many extremely successful employees have not ventured into the business in the same line because some good soul would have advised them to continue in the job than getting into own business. Use your date of birth to decide between job and business.

Another point very few know is that married life also plays a very significant role in your career. Marriage generally takes place when the person is in the middle of a career ocean, and a good spouse can really make or break your career fortune. The above person saw phenomenal growth after the marriage. Another very prominent person has taken a big jolt in his Career earnings due to a strained relationship and finally separation. I am witness to many stories where people came to me with career issues, and I advised them to improve their married life. It is because your 7th house has a direct influence on your 10th house. I have been an astrologer to many high-end professionals, and I have proved to them that having a good spouse and maintaining a good married life changed their life. 

How to predict career by date of birth

A birth chart lets you know the purpose of your birth, but how to achieve it lies with you. That is where the role of the birth chart in your career becomes a guiding tool. So better select the right education stream at the right stage, decide what is better for you job or business by date of birth? Not that you let your birth chart lead your actions but when you know your skills, interest, and resources, just get them vetted through your birth chart. 

To select a career by date of birth does not mean that you do what the astrologer says but when you make best of your efforts, use best of skills and resources, spending a few minutes to select career by date of birth, makes a sense. This is more important as once you start a career; sometimes changing it becomes irreversible so why take a chance.  

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of the best astrologers in India, who has written many similar insights on Vedic Astrology. You can connect with him through his website or office nos +91 9278665588/9278555588/

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