Trunk bend

  • Model: Aishwarya Raman

Side bending is one of the important movements of the trunk. It helps the spinal column and the surrounding muscles. The abdominal organs get a rejuvenating stretch and the ribs and lungs also benefit. Here is a safe technique to impart side bending. This technique is useful for the elderly and also during rehabilitation.


* Keep two chairs, one by the side of the other.

* Sit upright on one chair; keep the other to your left.

* Gently bend to the left and rest the left forearm on the chair.

* Raise your right hand; as you inhale stretch the right portion of the trunk.

* Stretch the right arm straight, pull strong and intensify the stretch of the trunk.

* The right arm, trunk and hips must all be on the same plane.

* The right hip should be firm on the chair.

* Stay in the posture for 20-30 seconds with low and deep breathing.

* Bring right hand down and come up.

* Sit upright and change side.

* Repeat and relax.

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