Sideward bend with benefits


Trunk side bends have multiple benefits—they help the spinal muscles, the abdominal organs are invigorated, the chest cavity gets a good stretch and the intercostal muscles get well-toned. These benefits can be gained with the help of two ropes. This technique also helps the shoulders and the arms.


* Take a pair of mountaineering ropes, which are knotted to make a loop

* Knot one of the ropes to the window bar at a height of about 6 feet

* Pass the other rope on to the window bar at a height of about 4 feet

* Stand upright with the wall to your right side

* Flex the right hand and hold the loop of the lower rope

* Raise left hand up and hold the top rope

* Take the feet to the wall and gently transfer the load on to the ropes

* Keeping the legs straight, slowly straighten the arms

* Ensure the legs, trunk and arms are on the same plane

* Stay for about 20-30 seconds

* Slowly come up and release the ropes

* Change side

Caution: Ensure the rope is of mountaineering quality and the window bars are strong enough to take weight.

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