Shoulder-trunk-hip extension


The shoulder girdle at the top and pelvic girdle at the bottom define the trunk. Extension of shoulders, the trunk, the neck and the hips can all be done at one go. This is possible using ropes. It helps in developing good flexibility and strength not only to the two girdles but also to the trunk. The posture also helps the neck.


* Take a pair of mountaineering ropes

* Ensure the ropes are knotted properly and are of equal length

* Knot the ropes on to the window bars at a height of about three feet; ropes about one feet apart

* Sit on your heels with the back to the wall

* Kneel; move closer and take the feet to the wall

* Take the arms back and hold the ropes with both hands

* Taking the load on the shoulders, slowly lower the hips

* Straighten the arms and push against the wall with the toes

* Bend back and look up

* Tighten the buttocks

* Stay for about 20-30 seconds

* Slowly get up to kneel-down position

* Release the ropes

* Relax and repeat

Caution: Ensure the rope is of mountaineering quality and that the window bars are strong enough to take the weight.

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