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The spinal column is an amazing structure that not only supports the trunk but also helps the arms and legs. Two principal movements of the spinal column are flexion (the bending of a limb or a joint) and extension (the straightening of a limb or joint). Here is a simple technique, which provides this along with the similar movements of shoulders and hips. This technique also helps all the abdominal organs to get a rejuvenating movement.

Caution: Ensure that the rope is of mountaineering quality and that the window bars are strong enough to take weight.


* Take a pair of mountaineering ropes

* Ensure that the ropes are knotted properly and are of equal length

* Knot the ropes on to the window bars at a height of about 6 feet; ropes about one feet apart

* Stand upright with the back to the wall and in line with the ropes

* Flex the arms, take them back and hold the rope from both hands

* Walk forward and straighten the arms

* Taking the weight on the ropes, move your right leg back, placing the heel against the wall and toes on the floor

* Similarly move the left leg also back

* Grip the rope firmly; keep the arms and legs straight—this is the neutral position

* Take a deep breath

* As you exhale, rolling the shoulders inward, gently bend the trunk forward taking head close to the lower leg

* As you inhale come to the neutral position

* As you exhale, rolling the shoulder outward, gently bend the trunk back, pushing the hips down

* Repeat this process for 10-12 cycles

* Slowly pull back, flex the arms, release the ropes and relax

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