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With a meaningful vision and diligent efforts, Nimish Gopal, Founder & CEO of CareerNaksha ( has worked consistently towards the growth of career counselling in India. Over the period of 3 years, CareerNaksha has mushroomed considerably as a bootstrapped startup. Starting off from Gujarat, it has proliferated across several other states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, and MP. These states barely had any exposure in the academic sector earlier but with the emerging economy and impressive industrial growth as well as progress in infrastructure, education has been paid due attention lately. And this hike has simultaneously led to the growth of CareerNaksha. The user base has escalated even more during the pandemic when digital platforms became more popular. It also provides Gujarati, Hindi & Marathi vernacular support for career assessments and counselling.

Career counselling is undeniably an essential bit for school/college students and young professionals to be making an informed decision. Nimish had noticed the scarcity of unbiased career counselling platforms and decided to create one to fill that gap. Career counselling has to be the foundation to channelize growth. CareerNaksha provides several career counselling tools, mentorship with industry professionals, profile building by career coaches, and globalvidhya for study abroad that help an individual in their career identification to execution process. The results assist to gauge the strengths and skillset based on the interests of the user. Based on the results, it becomes easier to make the right choice and lead in a certain direction rather than following the career option suggested by family or influenced by peers. To channelize the strengths and skills in the best possible way, output driven career counselling has to be the foundation. On the other hand, people have realized the same too. Now they need unbiased career guidance and development platforms that can accelerate and facilitate their career choices.

Illuminating many with the guiding light

There lies unimaginable potential in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Having faith in that potential CareerNaksha has always focused on catering its services in these areas as well as rural schools. One of the growth booster and goals of CraeerNaksha has been to provide scientific career counselling combined with psychometrics support in regional, rural and underprivileged areas. It has been consistently working towards it and delivering the best through the network of established NGOs, government support, and also some large corporate foundations. Some private organizations have also joined hands that can support the cause of providing the right and unbiased career counselling to uplift the students who cannot afford it.

CareerNaksha has ceaselessly been making an impact through social media as well, where live sessions are conducted that gain over 1000 views on average. That is how the team caters to the market that needs guidance and career counselling and does not have paying capacity. People can always consume the content posted on social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram and watch videos related to Guru-Shishya and new-age career options for help. Apart from social media, the number of counselling sessions has also seen an impressive rise from the average of 5-6 counselling sessions per day to over 100 now on both online and offline models across locations.

Enroute - Onwards and Upwards

One step after the other, the journey has been fulfilling and motivating. While having its fair share of highs and lows, on the bright side, CareerNaksha ( has been witnessing the growth of 50% month over month. The acceleration has also been facilitated with the support of various District Education Officers, corporate funding which comes from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and large organizations like Counsellor Council of India (CCI). CCI has army of trained and certified counsellors and psychologists who understand the need and the importance of career counselling. These counsellors are available in multiple geographies locally and thus they have a decent understanding of the local market. Their knowledge and expertise has doubled the growth of CareerNaksha. Also, their support has led to more and more career counsellors getting affiliated on the platform. The counsellors utilize career counselling tools and services like psychometric, profile building, informational counselling framework etc. which has led to increase in their income and more profits for them too. With this collaboration, the growth has steered to the opening of more localized counselling centers led by CCI trained & certified counsellors. With this format of working as a team, the counsellors and CareerNaksha have successfully grown their respective user base. is doing its bit and many have joined the journey so far including school/college teachers, principals, educators, young professionals, counsellors, and psychologists to help the society. Above all, the youth of India is needed to be more concerned, productive, and moving in the right direction. Youth in our country has immense potential but that has to be churned to its maximum possibility and channelized in the right direction. As our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has always quoted "Aatma Nirbharta" which means we have to become self-reliant. To achieve that goal of becoming self-reliant, the youth of India has to be more mindful of the right career choices and opportunities. They should seek career help, consider career counselling & coaching from the experts and certified career counsellors. This boost in the awareness among youths and positive outlook towards career counselling as an industry has fueled the growth of CareerNaksha as it keeps providing support to the right people through their increasing network. As they say, "You grow unstoppably when you have the right vision and pure intention".

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