The epic new trailer of Game of Thrones season 6 is out

Snow (File) The season promises to be a bloodier one with battles galore

There has been fan theories, conspiracy theories, predictions and speculations—all of which will begin to be answered in about two months and a glimpse of what you will get to see then is already here.

The new Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer is out and promising is barely the word for what the trailer offers. There seems to be a lot of action in store for the GoT fans with a vengeful Cersei Lannister choosing violence to deal with the fanatic followers of High Septon who humiliated her, the Mother of Dragons leading an army large enough to 'overthrow an empire' and indications that Sansa Stark is going to have a game changing role.

Fans of Jon Snow were left distraught in the last season when the crows decided to do away with their leader. Despite Kit Harington's repeated claims that Snow's show has been ended, the fans refused to believe, instead chose to flood the internet with conspiracy theories galore. The trailer seems scotch much speculations about Snow's fate.

The season promises to be a bloodier one with battles galore. Maisie Williams's has been pretty vocal about how Arya Stark is turning out to be a fierce warrior and trailer tells you why.

The season also marks the return of Bran Stark who was found missing in last season. His comeback is certainly fascinating as he is seen along with Night's King—the leaders of the dreaded White Walkers.

The summer just got better.

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