IT city faces no threat


All global cities feel the jitters when there is unrest as there is huge representation of global companies and MNCs in every major city. Bengaluru is no exception. But when the government deals with the crisis meticulously, it allays fears. This time, we all were caught unawares and such outrage and violence were unexpected. The government should always be in a state of preparedness and deal with the situation swiftly.

Brand Bengaluru cannot be tarnished by incidents when the government tackles the situation firmly. Such disturbances occur in the US, London and most other cities, too. But how quickly you restore law and order matters.

Cauvery is an emotional issue and most of us who anticipated trouble were safe. But the police should ensure every person and property is safe. The government should have anticipated such response, as the Supreme Court order was expected and likely to be not favourable to the state. This is a learning experience. Incidents of vandalism are saddening as it has become a case of people of Karnataka fighting the people of Tamil Nadu. This is a water dispute where both states are making a demand. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has not evaluated the demands in a technical and scientific way. The disagreement is over how to share water during distress. Karnataka’s water deficit grows when Tamil Nadu’s water deficit shrinks with the water releases.There is an urgent need to take a re-look at the distress-sharing formula so that the agony is not prolonged. We must arrive at a fair distribution formula.

While agitations will happen, we need to work on how normalcy is quickly restored. People have hugely invested in the city, and everyone wants such concerns to be addressed as soon as possible. Bengaluru, like most global cities, should evolve systems that help bounce back at the shortest possible time. Investments or brand image of the IT city faces no threat.

As told to Prathima Nandakumar.

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