Nintendo announces Switch Lite; check specs, price and other details

Switch Lite is a compact, lightweight and affordable version of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announces Switch Lite; check specs, price and other details Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper, lighter, handheld device compared to its predecessor Nintendo Switch

To all MarioKart fanatics out there, here’s a cheaper version of Nintendo Switch. Popular gaming console brand Nintendo has recently announced the release of Nintendo Switch Lite. This is an affordable alternative to Nintendo Switch which was released in 2017.

The major selling point of Switch Lite is that it is considerably cheaper than its older sibling. The original Nintendo Switch is priced at $300 (20,504 INR) while Switch lite is pitched at $200 (13,670 INR). The significant slash in price tag makes Switch Lite an affordable buy. The device is also lighter and smaller than the original Switch while retaining similar performance and display resolution. Lite also reportedly has an extended battery life, making it a suitable device to play on the go.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only device. Unlike its predecessor, the device cannot be connected to a TV for gameplay. The ability to switch between handheld mode and TV mode was the trademark feature of the original Switch, which debuted two years ago. Thus, only games that support ‘handheld mode’ can be played on the device. This might not be such a major dealbreaker, however, as there is an option to pair the device with a wireless controller, such as Pro Controller or Joy-cons, to play games that do not support ‘handheld mode’.

Switch Lite has undergone major design changes as well. While the original Switch is popular for its removable Joy-cons, Switch Lite is optimised specifically for handheld mode, with built-in controllers. The screen is smaller, at 5.2 inches, while the standard Switch has 6.2-inch display. To optimise spacing, the main unit and control inputs are integrated into one piece of hardware. The company has brought back the D-pad (control pad shaped like a ‘+’) to utilise space. Nintendo has also dropped some features such as IR motion camera and HD rumble feature, to accommodate for the change in design. However, there is an option to purchase a separate Joy-Con controller to play games that require motion control, such as ‘1-2-Switch’.

Switch Lite is perfect to carry around in a backpack and play while commuting, making it a great travel companion. The device will be released on 20th September 2019, in yellow, grey, or turquoise colours. Special Pokemon editions will be released in November.

Here's all you need to know:

Playmode: Handheld mode only

Controls: Built-in joy-cons + D-Pad.

CPU/GPU: Custom Nvidia Tegra processing

RAM: 4GB (speculated)

Storage: 32GB internal memory, microSD card slot.

Connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, USB-C (charging-enabled)

Audio: 3.5mm audio-jack, downward-facing stereo speakers

Touchscreen: 5.5-inches, 720p

Battery: 3,570mAh (3-7 hours battery life)

Measures: 91.1 x 208 x 13.9mm

Weight: 275g (31 per cent lighter)

Price: 13k (speculated)

Release date: 20 September 2019 (US)