For GTA, Rockstar Games 'cancelled' Zombie game and spy thriller 'Agent'

What's the buzz?

Obbe Vermeij was a former technical director with Rockstar Games. | Twitter

In a blog, that now stands deleted, Obbe Vermeij revealed about two 'shelved' Rockstar Games projects. | Twitter


Nearly 15 years ago, Rockstar Games announced 'Agent'. | Twitter

As the name suggests, the game was a spy thriller. | Twitter

'Agent' was meant to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Obbe Vermeij reportedly claimed. | Twitter

Then what happened?

Rockstar was also working on 'Grand Theft Auto V' (GTA V) during this time. | Twitter

The company soon found 'Agent' to be "too much of a distraction" and "inevitably" decided to focus on GTA V. | Twitter

The right decision?

GTA V is the second best-selling video game of all time with over 185 million copies sold across platforms. | Twitter

Thus, 'Agent' never saw the light of the day. | Twitter

Next up, the 'zombie':

Following the success of GTA Vice City, Rockstar Games planned a zombie survival game in 2002. | Twitter

The game plot:

Placed on a Scottish island, the zombie apocalypse game was supposed to have the same cheat codes made familiar by Vice City! | Twitter

The player would be allowed to drive around the haunted island in vehicles. Constantly moving was the key to survival, reports quoted Vermeij as saying. | Facebook

Will kill for gas-mode!

Fuel was an unavoidable resource for survival and the player would be tasked to keep looking for it. | Twitter

Killed, again:

However, Rockstar reportedly came to the conclusion that the concept was ‘too depressing.’ | Facebook

Thus, they decided to develop the next GTA title, which would ultimately become San Andreas! | Facebook