‘Smriti Irani badly scared’: Congress blames BJP for vandalism outside Amethi office

Police remained a mute spectator, alleges Congress

Amethi Congress car attack People stand near a vehicle that was allegedly vandalised by some unidentified men outside the Congress office at Gauriganj in Amethi | PTI

The Congress charged the Bharatiya Janata Party and its Amethi Lok Sabha poll candidate Smriti Irani perpetrated the vandalism outside its office in Gauriganj during the late hours of Sunday. Congress charged police “remained a mute spectator” during the attack.

Vehicles of Congress workers and a few local people parked outside the Congress office in Gauriganj were attacked during the late hours of Sunday. Congress tweeted, “Smriti Irani and BJP workers are badly scared in Amethi, UP. Foreseeing defeat, BJP goons armed with sticks and rods reached outside the Congress office in Amethi and vandalised vehicles parked there. There has been a deadly attack on Congress workers and people of Amethi.”

Congress said several party workers suffered injuries in the attack and vehicles of local people were also damaged. “The police administration remained a mute spectator during the entire incident,” Congress charged.

Congress district president Pradeep Singhal alleged that the incident was the result of state police's indifference. Congress district spokesperson Anil Singh claimed that some people sitting inside the cars had sustained injuries. “Six people came in a car and damaged the vehicles. Some people got injured and were sent to the district hospital for treatment. A complaint will be made to the Election Commission,” Singh said.

UP Congress in-charge Avinash Pande told ANI, "This is a highly condemnable act. PM Modi and Smriti Irani are clearly seeing their defeat. They want to create a situation of violence in Amethi. This clearly shows that BJP is going to be wiped from Uttar Pradesh.”

The Congress party has fielded K.L. Sharma, a close aide of the Gandhi family in Amethi against Irani.

Meanwhile, Gauriganj Deputy Superintendent of Police Mayank Dwivedi said the matter will be investigated and strict action will be taken against the guilty.

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