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Why does truth hurt you, Pragya Thakur asks on protests against remarks on prophet Muhammad

Thakur, Uma Bharti condemn threats issued against Nupur Sharma

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur | PTI Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur | PTI

Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur said Bharat (India) belongs to Hindus and they will fulfil the responsibility of keeping Sanatan alive here.

Her assertion came on Friday in Bhopal while answering a question on threats to former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma for her comments on prophet Muhammad.

In an oblique defence of Sharma's comments, Thakur said if someone was hurt when the truth about them was spoken, it meant that something about their history was dirty.

Thakur said “Heretics (vidharmi) have always done this. Kamlesh Tiwari (reference to right wing leader murdered in Uttar Pradesh in 2019) said something, they were hurt, and killed him – hacked him to death. If someone else says something, they will threaten. They make movies on our gods and goddesses and abuse them. This is not happening from today. They have a complete Communist history. These heretics show their mentality openly.”

The MP, known for her controversial statements, went on to say “This is Bharat (India), it belongs to Hindus. This is India – Sanatan will always be alive here, it is our responsibility to keep it alive and we will do it.”

Thakur also commented on the Gyanvapi issue saying “It is a truth that there was and is a Shiva temple there and it will remain there. It is wrong to call it a fountain. If anyone attacks Hindu tenets, gods and goddesses, basic sanatan religion, we will also tell their truth. You tell our truth, we accept it; but if we tell your truth why does it hurt you? This means something in your history is dirty.”

The MP had tweeted on Thursday: “If speaking the truth is rebellion, then I am a rebel too. Jai Sanatan, Jai Hindutva.” The tweet was being perceived as a response to the BJP's latest directive to party leaders and spokespersons to desist from making inflammatory or derogatory comments.

All Indians should unite to protect Nupur Sharma: Uma Bharti

BJP leader Uma Bharti also called out those threatening Nupur Sharma and urged all Indians to unite to protect her (Sharma's) life and honour. “Hindus and Muslims should unitedly condemn the indecent and shameful behaviour against her. Only then it will be proven that we are all sincere towards communal harmony,” Bharti tweeted on Thursday.

The BJP leader posted a series of tweets on the issue, starting off by saying the BJP's action of giving maximum punishment to Nupur Sharma was proper and ethical as she had violated the culture, policies and directives of the party that stands for equality of religions and not using derogatory language against any religion.

“But later I saw on TV that some violent protestors were crushing photographs of Nupur under shoes. FIR was also registered against her at many places. Nupur has been the president of Delhi University Students' Union and is a self-made woman. She will face the FIRs according to Indian laws. But putting Rs 1 crore bounty on her head, life threats to her from all across, crushing her photo with shoes, all such actions are against our culture and civility,” she said.

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