'I'm Param Shiva, no stupid court can touch me': Nithyananda in viral video

Nithyananda promises his followers there will be no death for them

Nithyananda Swami Nithyananda | Via Twitter

Even as the Indian government is ramping up efforts to locate Swami Nithyananda, who is believed to be on the run, a video of the controversial godman has gone viral. The Gujarat Police had said on November 21, Nithyananda had fled India amid investigations against him for allegedly confining children at his ashram in Ahmedabad.

In the video, which appears to have been uploaded on social media around November 22, Nithyananda claims "He is Param Shiva". In the video, which is a clip of a sermon to his followers, Nithyananda declares his followers have been loyal to him even though “The whole world is against me and telling you 'Don’t go to Nithyananda'".

Nithyananda declares, "Now nobody can touch me, I can tell you the truth—I am Param Shiva. Understand? No stupid court can prosecute me for revealing the truth." Param Shiva is regarded as the highest form of Lord Shiva, with all his divine attributes. In the video, Nithyanananda is dressed in a manner resembling Lord Shiva.

Nithyananda also promises his followers there will be no death for them. He talks of a "beautiful transition" during death, claiming he had already undergone that “in his DNA”.

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said on Friday all Indian missions and posts abroad have been asked to communicate to local governments about Nithyananda, who is wanted in several cases of rape and sexual abuse in India.

"We have sensitised all our missions and posts that this man is wanted in several cases of crime in India. We have asked the missions and posts to sensitise the local governments that in case he happens to transit or be in the country, they should let us know," Kumar said.

He said the MEA has not yet received any requests from the probe agencies for his extradition.

Asked about reports that Nithyananda 'founding' his own country called Kailassa on his website, Kumar said, "Setting up a website is different from setting up a nation."