'Young Sheldon': Top 11 heart-touching moments from Season 1 to 7 as show comes to an end

'Young Sheldon' is a perfect blend of humorous and heartwarming moments

Young Sheldon With the final episodes of Young Sheldon being out, this might be the perfect time to revisit and relive the show's greatest moments

Young Sheldon, which first premiered in 2017, has a dedicated fan base and has won over many hearts worldwide. It was created as a spinoff prequel to The Big Bang Theory, chronicling the childhood of the dear character, Sheldon Cooper. Young Sheldon is a perfect blend of humorous and heartwarming moments that always leave the audience yearning for more. If you are a fan of the series, given below are a few moments revolving mainly around the twins that might have created some spark in you. With the final episodes of Young Sheldon being out, this might be the perfect time to revisit and relive the show's greatest moments.

1. Together, through thick or thin

The dynamics of the twins, Sheldon and Missy, is an intriguing aspect of the show. Sheldon and Missy are opposites clinging on to each other. Sheldon who is afraid of change, is glad that his twin sister is there with him as a constant. In Season 2 Episode 1, when Sheldon tries to repair the fridge, his actions put him in debt to his father. He breaks down wondering how to tackle the situation and in regret and disappointment. Missy who was playful about the situation till then, immediately comes to the rescue. Her warm hug comforts Sheldon, who is otherwise repulsive to physical touch. We are now five more seasons forward, but this scene remains a favourite to all Sheldon fans.

2. Perfect mom for me

mary cooper young sheldon

Mary (Sheldon’s mother) is the comfort place for Sheldon and the home to where he runs, whenever faced with the slightest difficulty. In Season 2 Episode 3, we see Mary being at a difficult point in her faith, who otherwise is an ardent Christian believer. The slight changes in his mother scare Sheldon and he offers help, even though Mary refuses. He explains to her how wonderfully and precisely the world is made. Sheldon, a strong atheist, trying to build back his mother’s faith through the dialogue. “Well, there are five billion people on this planet and you are the perfect mom for me. What are the odds of that?” has touched not just the heart of Mary, but also the viewers around the world.

3. Daddy-daughter date

The father-daughter relationship of George and Missy is often overlooked throughout the series. The daddy-daughter date in Season 1 Episode 21, happens in the desperate attempt of George and Mary to bond with the other two kids, while Sheldon is preoccupied with Dr. Sturgis. George takes Missy to Red Lobster at her request, which turns out to be a wholesome moment of bonding. Missy’s excitement, innocence, and her dressing up as a princess make the scene even more special. The recollection of this scene happens later in Season 5 Episode 15 when George and Missy go out again when she is a teenager.

4. Grammar assignment

missy jojy young sheldon

Growing up in a household with a young genius who eats up everyone’s attention was not an easy task for Missy and Georgie. There was not even a scope for comparison, as Sheldon outsmarted everyone in the house. In Season 1 Episode 19, Missy comes to Georgie asking for his help in completing her homework. Georgie turns her down but later decides to help her anyway. The siblings study together and Missy gets a perfect score on her grammar assignment. When she slides the test through Georgie’s door, he acts like it’s not a big deal. But he goes on to pin the test on the wall, showing how much this means to him. This was a cute little moment between the siblings.

5. The graduation story

graduation young sheldon

In Season 4 Episode 1, Sheldon graduated high school and Missy, from elementary school. While delivering the valedictory speech, Sheldon dedicates his speech to his sister who made him understand that change cannot always be bad. He assures the other graduates that they will all be fine by taking the great leap into college life and asks them to be brave like his twin sister. The short speech is a very emotional bit of the show. The next day, while attending Missy’s graduation Sheldon says that even though she did not deliver a speech to him, she maintained eye contact while singing her graduation song, indicating Sheldon’s importance in her life.

6. Can I offer you a hot beverage?

can i offer

Through the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, we come to know about Sheldon’s choice of beverages depending on the situation. In Season 3 Episode 12, Sheldon narrates the story when he offers someone who is in distress, a hot beverage. It was none other than his nemesis and the other young genius in the show, Paige. Following her parents’ divorce, Paige was going through a tough time and Sheldon lends her an ear to open up. By the time she finished, he offered a hot beverage and she took it. When George sees Sheldon making the beverage for Paige, he appreciates Sheldon for his kind gesture. This emotional moment is broken down into laughter when Missy walks in with full confidence, with her face covered in glitter, thinking that she looks beautiful. This leaves George and Sheldon baffled and the audience in fits of laughter.

7. A girl on the baseball team!

missy meemaw young sheldon

During the church carnival, Missy throws the perfect ball and dunks Pastor Jeff with every shot she takes, which ignites her interest in baseball - a boys-only game. George takes Missy for the test and the coach turns them down directly, without even giving Missy a chance. Missy comes back home disappointed and her meemaw takes it up on herself to get her granddaughter into the team. Season 3 Episode 6 of Young Sheldon is packed with girl power. Meemaw convinced the coach to give Missy a chance and she made the team smoothly, leaving the coach in awe. We all need a meemaw who just believes in us. Don’t we?

8. Not the world’s greatest dad

cooper family george cooper young sheldon

George’s commitment to the family often goes unnoticed or misunderstood in the series. In Season 1 Episode 8, George takes his two sons on a road trip to watch the shuttle launch, while Missy stays back with the ladies. During the trip, putting up with each other was not an easy task for any of them. After all the little hurdles the greatest blow came when the rains started pouring and the shuttle launch was cancelled. Sheldon was very upset and to cheer him up, George asks him how lightning works. Sheldon who is always elated to share any knowledge is immediately happy. At that time Sheldon doesn’t realise the motive. But later the adult Sheldon (the narrator) realises this and tells how his father used to act dumb at times to cheer him. Thus, in Season 5 Episode 5, it hits hard when Sheldon says, “He may not have been the world’s greatest dad. But maybe we weren’t the world’s greatest kids”.

9. No one’s on my team

cooper family young sheldon

The twins were taken for intelligence tests in Season 2 Episode 5. While Sheldon was expected to do incredibly well, Missy nailed the emotional intelligence test. She gained the attention of the scientist through her insightful nature. Towards the end of the test, Missy is appreciated for her observations when she opens up that she is often ignored in her home as George is preoccupied with Georgie and her mom and meemaw spend their time fussing over Sheldon. Missy is a sweet young lady who is mature beyond her age and that might be the reason why she draws all the attention towards her, without even trying.

10. Bazinga!

bazinga young sheldon

“Bazinga” is a catchphrase popularised by Sheldon in the series The Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon traces back the origins of Sheldon discovering this phrase in a comic book store, during his pursuit to find practical jokes. He aimed to prove Missy and Paige wrong, as they kept nagging him by calling him an old man. In Season 2 Episode 10, we witness Sheldon turning into a prankster and using ‘bazinga’ to indicate his practical jokes. The phrase already gained popularity through The Big Bang Theory, by the time Young Sheldon introduced its origins to the audience. The character of Sheldon and the phrase are intertwined and the mention of one brings the other into our minds. Hands down some of the funniest scenes of The Big Bang Theory come from this phrase.

11. Expecting the unexpected

george cooper young sheldon

One of the most anticipated, yet devastating moments of Young Sheldon was when the news of George’s death hit the family at the end of Episode 12 of Season 7. George’s recurring ill health and adult Sheldon mentioning the impending death a few times, in both the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, prepared the fans for this shocking news. Even though we all knew this was coming, the moment the news was delivered to the family, was undoubtedly one of the lowest moments in the entire series.

By now, Young Sheldon fans may have gone through a quick journey over the memory lane. There is no doubt that the scenes and characters would stay in our hearts for a long time. If you are a newcomer still deciding whether or not to watch the show, remember that the laughs that this series gives you will be innumerable. If you are in a mood for comedy and some family drama, consider this your call for it!

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