'The hardest decision': Ananya Birla quits music to focus on business

'Thank you for all the love, for the music I have released over the years'

Ananya Birla Ananya Birla | Subi Samuel

Fans of Ananya Birla are a disappointed lot after the singer quit music to focus on her business ventures.

Ananya, the eldest daughter of Aditya Birla Group head Kumar Mangalam Birla, began her music career with the single, ‘Livin’ The Life’, in 2016. She was featured on Sirius XM Hits, a popular US radio show. She is also the first Indian to get a platinum status for her English single.

Announcing her decision to quit music, she posted on social media, “Guys, this has been the hardest decision. I have reached a stage where balancing both the businesses I run and am building + music becoming near impossible and it’s taking a toll on me in ways that I can’t express. 

"Thank you for all the love, for the music I have released over the years. I hope we can appreciate English music made by our own people as there is so much talent in our own country. Thank you again. It’s time I focus all my energies into the business world,” she added.

Following her post, Ananya's fans and followers expressed their love for the singer and wished her the best for her future. "Wish you the best in whatever you do in your life... god bless you," wrote actor Bobby Deol under her post.

Ananya founded CuroCarte, a luxury e-commerce platform selling handmade products, and Svatantra Microfinance, which serves low-income households as well as women in rural areas.

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