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“Keep your processes simple, complexity hampers productivity” : GHANSHYAM SARDA advises budding entrepreneurs

Ghanshyam-Sarda Ghanshyam Sarda - Owner - Sarda Group of Industries

Time and experience will ultimately determine whether an enterprise is successful or unsuccessful. "No great company started as a success, but only as a concept that needed time and patience to expand upon," says Ghanshyam Sarda, Chairman of the Sarda Group of Industries, a titan of Indian business. Take it from the leader who, with a single-minded dedication to a bigger cause, nearly single-handedly revived India's faltering jute industry and who believes that "although many would tell you failure is more likely than success, simply remember what you began, and why."

Major corporations were withdrawing from the jute business in the 1970s due to unavoidable and pressing labour issues, but Ghanshyam Sarda saw beyond these issues and imagined a better and more hopeful future for jute and the people who worked in it. The future of this environmentally beneficial and biodegradable material was all but sealed because of massive losses and widespread unemployment—until Mr. Sarda decided to step in. To address the absence of specialised, technical training for jute workers in India, Ghanshyam Sarda founded the country's first training facility for jute workers in India.

Beginning with nine jute mills, he painstakingly and gradually revived the jute sector, raising many workers in Bengal out of poverty through productive employment. "Realising the potential of your dreams is one thing but following through on them until they are accomplished is entirely different", he continues. The tremendous and untapped potential of jute once again made people believe, thanks to Mr. Sarda, who said, "You need to take your beliefs and convey them to the people who work with you.

Ghanshyam Sarda outlines the first and most important step an entrepreneur must take for scaling their firm on World Entrepreneurs Day: "Keep your processes simple. Complexity wastes time that may be spent working on inventing and conceiving new ideas." Founders of new businesses need to be cautious of this and keep their processes simple. Understanding complex problems is the first step in solving them; this comes from careful study and observation.

According to Mr. Sarda, there are a lot of additional elements that will be crucial to the development and success of businesses. These include the qualified individuals, the right time, focus, and a strong desire to put in a lot of effort to pursue the goals that kept you up at night and led you down the entrepreneurial route you are currently on.

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