World's largest laser phosphor display panels come to India

prysm G.B. Kumar (L), Vice President - India and Asia Pacific and Amit Jain (R), CEO and co-founder, Prysm Inc.

Gone are those days when companies and firms had to make concessions during display selections such as finding rooms big enough to install displays, compromising the viewing experience along with factoring huge budgets for the displays. Prysm, a US-based company that specialises in visual collaboration solutions, has introduced its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series in India that is being termed as the world's largest LPD display panels. The displays will come with screen sizes of 190 and 135 inches. Interestingly, the display will also have a built-in interactivity with more than 32 simultaneous touch points. The company claims that the displays will use less power that is lesser than a commercial coffee maker.

The display panels also facilitate multiple dash boards and is rollable and self-emissive. Besides this, they have a front screen that is made of a specialty-coated polycarbonate layer and thus the whole panel can be rolled into a cylinder for easy transportation. Due to this, they can be set up and transported across different places. The company feels that such type of panels have huge market potential in India.

“Such displays can be widely used at customer experience centres (CEC) and executive briefing centres (EBC), where they can facilitate large scale, immersive and interactive brand experiences. Such displays will also help in making meetings more engaging and immersive that will result in better and faster decision making. Besides this, such displays can fit in the command and control centres for smart cities enabling visualisation of critical applications and data from multiple sources on a single display. They can also be of great use in the education segment as well as they will facilitate immersive experiences,” said Amit Jain, founder and CEO of Prysm, while giving a demo of the displays at the company's office in Bengaluru.

Jain also felt that these panels can be widely used in a lot of Indian IT companies that have become global as they can help in the immersive collaboration of the company's workforce as the workforce can work jointly on different projects though based at different locations. “Though such kind of displays have been widely adopted in the west, the Asian and particularly the Indian market is growing at a fast pace. These displays also have the capability to offer one of the clearest video pictures in a large format. We are also offering this LPD 6K Series bundled with our visual collaboration software that consolidates applications, content, video conferencing with a touch interactive workspace that will enable teams to work together. These displays are also being offered without the bundle offer as well. Such things will depend on the requirement of our customers,” added Jain.

Prysm that was founded in the US in the year 2005 has offices across the globe. The company offers LPD displays and also has a Prysm Application Suite, which is a cloud-based, visual collaboration solution. The company's solutions enable individuals and teams to see and interact with all their data, content and applications on displays of all sizes. Prysm Application Suite software is an open, collaboration solution that integrates with existing tools and can scale to hundreds or thousands of users.