Twist to relax, buddy!


The pelvis and the abdomen host several organs, which can be stimulated through twisting and inverting the blood flow. After that, good breathing provides a feeling of deep relaxation. The posture helps the lower back, the neck and the shoulders.


☞ Sit on all fours (knees below the hips and palms below the shoulders)

☞ Join your knees and feet

☞ Flex your elbows

☞ Twist your trunk to the left, and bend

☞ Rest your left shoulder on the mat and stretch your left arm

☞ Press your right palm on the mat, and twist the trunk as much as possible

☞ Turn the neck towards the left and rest the head

☞ Join both the palms in salutation (Anjali Mudra)

☞ Align your left shoulder and the neck in line with your knees

☞ Stretch your feet and tighten your calf muscles

☞ As you inhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should expand

☞ As you exhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should contract

☞ Breathing should be relaxed: four seconds inhalation and six seconds exhalation are considered good

☞ Stay for about two minutes

☞ Slowly come up

☞ Change side and relax