Pelvis stretch

gallery-image MODEL: YUKTHA GOPAL

The health of urogenital organs is very important. They need to be provided a good stretch, aided with good breathing, so that they remain healthy. This is possible by providing three-dimensional stretch to the pelvic cavity. Here is such a technique using a brick. This posture is especially recommended for women.


1. Take a brick made out of high density foam and measuring approximately 8 inch x 4 inch x 4 inch

2. Sit upright on a mat with legs crossed

3. Lie on your back with legs folded; take the heels closer to the hips

4. Keep the brick length-wise by your side

5. Raise the hips up and position the brick just below the sacrum (the flat bony surface of the spinal column)

6. The brick should not press against the lower back

7. Join the feet and gently move the knees towards the ground

8. Gently raise the chest up and relax the arms by the side

9. Feel the length-wise and breadth-wise stretch, and propping up of the pelvic cavity

10. Stay for about 3 to 5 minutes with slow abdominal breathing

11. Bring the knees up; take out the brick and relax