May 29-June 04
  • Aries-horoscope


    March 22 - April 20

    Your public relations get a boost, courtesy your diplomatic nature. Success in litigation is indicated. Your understanding and prudent partner will be your greatest source of inspiration and support. Travel will offer enjoyable moments. Your business partner will go that extra mile to make deals work.

    Lucky day—Wednesday: financial gains

  • Taurus-horoscope


    April 21 - May 21

    Pack your bags and get ready for a great time away from home. Your trip to a foreign land may spring a pleasant surprise; it could be your chance to meet your soulmate. Your intuitive powers will help tackle likely obstacles. There is good news in store for those aspiring for higher studies abroad.

    Lucky day—Friday: increase in income

  • Gemini-horoscope


    May 22 - Jan 21

    You will gain from real estate. Those in the mine and coal industries can expect a profitable week. The week is good for investing in stocks. Childbirth in the family will make you happy. You might buy a pet. Some of you will get a faithful domestic help. A good week is predicted for those handling animals.

    Lucky day—Sunday: a family outing

  • Cancer-horoscope


    June 20 - July 23

    You get a prudent and faithful life partner, courtesy your affectionate nature. Married life will be blissful. Friends bring good fortune. Tighten the purse strings so that you do not land in a financial mess. Your plans for travel and adventure need to be put on hold as the week is not particularly good for either.

    Lucky day—Tuesday: Midas touch

  • Leo-horoscope


    July 24 - Augest 23

    You will gain from your interest in the occult. Philanthropy is the highpoint of the week. Gains predicted through the arts. Health might be a cause for worry, but you will recover soon. Politicians will win elections. Your family will always stand by you but do not take them for granted; spend more time with your wife and children.

    Lucky day—Thursday: new vehicle

  • Virgo-horoscope


    Auguest 24 - September 23

    A largely happy week with some tough moments that you will overcome with the support of friends and relatives. Relatives will stand by you through thick and thin. Politicians have a favourable time. Businessmen might face tough competition. Travel will be a source of income as well as pleasure.

    Lucky day—Friday: new ventures

  • Libra-horoscope


    September 24 - October 23

    Your natural charm and pleasing manners will boost your popularity. Expect gains through elders. Music will be the right balm for your tired soul. You might buy ornaments or luxury items. Speculation in business is likely to bring profit. Home is top priority this week; you will spend time and money to refurbish your house.

    Lucky day—Monday: a surprise

  • Scorpio-horoscope


    October 24 - November 22

    Your methodical nature will bring you laurels. Business deals as well as friendship with foreigners likely. You will profit from the sale of property. You will get an opportunity to hone your musical talent. Meetings with artists are likely. Some of you will embark on a highly rewarding journey to a holy place.

    Lucky day—Thursday: time to go overseas

  • Sagittarius-horoscope


    November 23 - December 22

    Your industrious nature will stand you in good stead. Higher authorities will be impressed by your administrative and advisory abilities. A steady friendship might blossom into a love affair and bring emotional security. Time is ripe for some speculation in the stock market. Farmers may incur loss.

    Lucky day—Sunday: pals bring happiness

  • Capricorn-horoscope


    December 23 - January 20

    Employment opportunities in the education and transport sectors might materialise for some. A timely promotion awaits those in the corporate sector. You might inherit property from a distant relative. Family life will be good. You might buy a vehicle. Take care as loss by fire is likely this week.

    Lucky day—Sunday: a long journey

  • Aquarius-horoscope


    January 21 - February 19

    Your scientific temper will have a positive influence on your judgments. Your determination will see you through tough situations. Your spouse will provide the emotional support during stressful situations. Children will impress you with their achievements. You might splurge on an expensive dress or ornaments.

    Lucky day—Wednesday: party time

  • Pisces-horoscope


    February 20 - March 21

    This week will see a surge in income and wealth. A legacy is round the corner. There will be a steady flow of money for businessmen; partners bring success. Your eloquent and liberal nature will up your popularity among colleagues. Those in the insurance sector and timber business can expect a smooth week.

    Lucky day—Wednesday: long journey