June 26-July 2
  • Aries-horoscope


    March 22 - April 20

    A setback might make you feel you are a loser, but don’t give up. Gains from unforeseen quarters await you. The unmarried can scout matrimony sites to find their dream partners. Students might face obstacles in studies. Your loyalty will be appreciated. Promotion awaits some. Keep off oily food.

    Lucky day—Saturday: father brings news

  • Taurus-horoscope


    April 21 - May 21

    Your children will do well in exams. Those appearing in competitive exams this week will come out with flying colours. Now is the time to let bygones be bygones; enjoy the present and be optimistic about the future. Some might even land a new job. You will take a break to visit a popular tourist destination with family.

    Lucky day—Saturday: new ventures

  • Gemini-horoscope


    May 22 - Jan 21

    Don’t get bogged down by criticism. Good news from abroad will bring relief. Partners will be patient with you. You will be generous and helpful this week. Take extra care of your health and read the fine print before making financial transactions. Don’t undervalue your contributions to your profession and the people around you.

    Lucky day—Tuesday: victory over enemies

  • Cancer-horoscope


    June 20 - July 23

    There is no holding you back this week; you will undertake challenges and succeed. Businesses will give you good returns. Those single will tie the knot. Love at first sight or a sudden marriage is in the cards for some. Those fond of music will find time to attend a concert. Some of you may buy a costly dress. Medical students will do well.

    Lucky day—Sunday: success in exams

  • Leo-horoscope


    July 24 - Augest 23

    You will adapt well to change. Research scholars will excel in their chosen area. Artists will have a fulfilling week. Politicians need to be wary of scandals. Connections with people in power will do you good. Those in the business of sanitary ware will do well. Agriculturists will make huge profits. Your reputation will soar.

    Lucky day—Tuesday: persuasive best

  • Virgo-horoscope


    Auguest 24 - September 23

    Take a break from your busy schedule and spend more time with your family. Romance is in the air. Speculation might work for some. Keep your parents in good humour as you stand to gain from them. Try to control your impulsive nature. There will be hurdles at workplace, but you will overcome them with your steel.

    Lucky day—Monday: tryst with Lady Luck

  • Libra-horoscope


    September 24 - October 23

    You will be full of life this week. You will climb up the societal ladder. You will continue to do social service and help others—an important facet of your sign. But if you expect rewards, be prepared for disappointment. Selfless service is your motto this week. Lady luck will smile on you. Some may set out on a pleasure trip.

    Lucky day—Friday: you win a prize

  • Scorpio-horoscope


    October 24 - November 22

    Do not be disheartened by adversities. And take care to avoid harsh words. It is the right time for couples to plan for kids. Some of you who have been going through emotionally traumatic times will recover. Friends may disappoint you for some reason. Do not cheat people who trust you. Mood swings are doing you no good.

    Lucky day—Monday: good for studies

  • Sagittarius-horoscope


    November 23 - December 22

    You will donate to charity this week. There will be a sudden increase in wealth for some. Do good even to your enemies; they will bring you indirect gains. Be on the lookout for obstacles at work and try to clear them as soon as possible. Shun violence completely. Be alert to the developments around you.

    Lucky day—Thursday: reward for work

  • Capricorn-horoscope


    December 23 - January 20

    There will be an increase in salary. You will follow religious activities this week. Find time to rejoice with your kith and kin. Avoid long journeys. Stay away from firecrackers. There will be childbirth in the family. Do not get carried away by momentary success; continue to work hard. Loosen your purse strings and splurge.

    Lucky day—Saturday: dancing shoes

  • Aquarius-horoscope


    January 21 - February 19

    Children need your attention, but don’t pamper them. You will recover from an illness and will be able to work hard. Advertising professionals will have a favourable week. Some of you might inherit land. Sportspersons will do well. A trip to the Himalayas is in store for some. Mother will be proud of you this week.

    Lucky day—Sunday: relative comes calling

  • Pisces-horoscope


    February 20 - March 21

    Work hard but enjoy life at the same time. Some of you might purchase jewels. Your pleasing manners will win you many more friends. Health will be a cause for concern but you will recover. Those looking for a maid will get a dutiful one. Some of you will purchase a new car. Writers can look forward to a creatively enriching week.

    Lucky day—Monday: kids make you proud