Two leopards captured in Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi (U'khand), May 26 (PTI) Two leopards, including one which had killed a woman a fortnight ago, were caught in separate incidents here, officials said on Friday.
    The leopards were caught in Badi Mani village and Dunda area, they said.
    A leopard, which had killed a woman on May 13, was captured in Badi Mani village of the Dichli area on Thursday night, Dharasu Forest Range Officer Nagendra Rawat said.
    A dog's carcass was used as bait to lure the leopard into a cage, he said.
    The Forest Department had set up the cage in the area soon after the May 13 attack.
    The leopard will now be taken to Haridwar for a behavioural assessment, after which it might be released into the forest, according to officials.
    However, the villagers demanded that the man-eater animal be killed in front of them.
    In the second incident, a leopard entered a house in the Dunda area, the officials said.
    A woman immediately locked the room from outside and the animal was caught by the Forest Department. The leopard is only six-seven months old, Rawat said.
    Meanwhile, a man, Chandramani Thapliyal, was injured after he was attacked by a leopard when he had gone to fetch water from a natural spring in Malli village in the Dharasu area, Forest Department sources said.
    The villagers managed to drive away the leopard by creating noise, they said.
    Villagers said the attack on Thapliyal showed that there is more than one man-eater leopard in the area.

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