There is no alternative to Nitish Kumar

Interview/ Neeraj Kumar, state minister of information and public relations

Q/ With what message are you going to elections?

A/ The people of Bihar are aware of the village-centric development carried out by the Nitish Kumar government without any discrimination against any community. This is reflected in our work. There is no alternative to Nitish Kumar.

Q/ The RJD is making unemployment an election issue.

A/ They ruled for 15 years. What did they do? But we have created huge infrastructure, roads were built, electricity was provided in villages, social harmony and rule of law was maintained. We provided jobs in organised and unorganised sector.

Q/ How did you navigate the state during pandemic, floods, and reverse migration?

A/ We mapped all the migrants who returned, and created work through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. We spent 08,500 crore during Covid-19, while states like West Bengal spent only 0200 crore, and Rajasthan 02,000 crore.

There have been no protests or unrest during the pandemic as the government gave people economic security. People of Bihar trust us.

Q/ What are you promising the people this time?

A/ The last time, we formulated a seven-point programme which managed to provide electricity for all, apart from other facilities like toilets, drains, roads, and financial empowerment for women.

This time we have resolved to give water to all households. This will be part of our seven-point [project] part two, which also includes programmes for youth, women empowerment, clean villages and cities, and additional health benefits for people.