Exclusive interview: 'Enough is enough', says Sakshi Malik

We went public so that the next generation does not suffer, Malik says

43-Sakshi-Malik Sakshi Malik | Rahul R Pattom

Q What made you take part in the protest?

For a long time, I have seen and been through this. Whatever financial deal the WFI made with sponsors, which involved us, we never got the full amount. Also, I had been hearing about young women wrestlers being sexually exploited. Most of them are not financially well-off or independent. There were [ways] of exploiting them, like organising competitions on a whim, etc. These things were happening for a long time and I felt enough is enough, I must stand up now.

Q It is never easy to stand up against the federation or a strongman. What made you feel you could do it?

It was very difficult. I thought about it long and hard. But when matters come to a head and things go out of hand, you are forced [to stand up]. We took the decision to go public so that the next generation does not have to go through these things.

Q Do you have faith in the oversight committee?

No. They had promised us that the committee would include six names recommended by us, but not one of those names is there.

Q What is your next step?

We will wait for one month as suggested by the government. If it does not keep its word, we might resume our protests.